BIXBY—It truly does take a village to get a home ready, and to make it happen in 45 days is nothing short of a miracle. No one knows that more than Hope is Alive (HIA) Ministries and Bixby, Evergreen.

HIA staff and residents representing homes in OKC and Tulsa.

In early October, HIA hosted a pastors’ lunch in Tulsa to discuss the addiction problem in Oklahoma and provide information about HIA’s Church Partnership Program. More than 30 churches were represented, and the response was encouraging. After lunch, Lance Lang, HIA founder and executive director, connected with Michael Gabbert, pastor of Bixby, Evergreen,

and from that moment forward, God took over.

Gabbert told Lang about a property next door to his church. Evergreen was in the process of expanding their campus with 10 acres that included a beautiful 4,600 square-foot home. Gabbert initially did not know what they would do with the home and was praying about how to best use it. “We wanted it to have ‘kingdom impact’ immediately,” he said. After a series of conversations and lots of prayer, a proposal of partnering with HIA was made to the church, and the congregation was instantly on board.

Gabbert and the Evergreen family chose to move forward with a partnership with HIA, allowing the ministry to lease the property for what would become HIA’s eighth sober-living mentoring home in Oklahoma and the third home designated specifically to women.

“We didn’t know how God would make it happen,” Lang said. “We just trusted that He would. Little did we know that God had already set in motion His plan for this beautiful home to be

Hope is Alive staff and Bixby, Evergreen volunteers pray over the new home.

used as a sanctuary of second chances.”

In 45 days, God provided a location and a fully-furnished, move-in ready home. The home was staffed and prepared with curriculum and supplies, and ready to minister to women on their road to recovery.

More than 250 members of Evergreen participated in the grand-opening tour. Members not only prepared the home with paint and clean carpet, but donated furniture, bedspreads, dishes, household cleaning supplies and paper products. Gabbert said that they are eager to volunteer to minister to the new residents.

Lang said he is very grateful to Gabbert for his vision, willingness and heart for recovery ministry. Lang is also grateful to the Evergreen staff and church family who have shown tremendous love, acceptance and support.

“This story is truly amazing,” Lang said. “Everything that had to happen, happened. All the obstacles that stood in our way were overcome. God confirmed this decision time and time again. It’s our hope and prayer that, for years to come, God will use this home and property to restore His broken people and that lives would be radically changed on this land; that the captives would be set free and that His name would be made famous.”

HIA exists to radically change the lives of drug addicts, alcoholics and those who love them.

HIA is unique in that it offers a three-phase program, intentional structure, mentoring, emphasis on brotherhood and sisterhood and a focus on rebuilding the entire family.

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