EDMOND—The Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma (BGCO) and the Charles Simeon Trust, a non-profit organization dedicated to the raising of the next generation of biblical expositors, are partnering to host a Workshop for Biblical Exposition at Edmond, First, Oct. 11-13.

“This workshop is different from our normal events and conferences,” said Brett Selby, BGCO pastoral leadership specialiast. “As a ‘workshop,’ there is work involved. Participants must come having done pre-work on two specific texts of Scripture from 2 Timothy that is assigned to them in advance. Our conviction is that this type of format (peer review) allows an expositor of Scripture to fulfill Paul’s admonition for growth and development in preaching ‘so that all may see your progress’ (1 Tim. 4:15).

“I have attended two of these workshops, and I can testify that the effort expended is more than worth it. Working on biblical texts with colleagues is a very helpful approach.”

The cost of the workshop is $149, $124 before Sept. 28, with  registration available at www.bgco.org/leadership. The registration deadline is Oct. 7. The registration fee includes lunch and refreshment breaks each day.

Workshop speakers include David Helm, lead pastor of the Hyde Park congregation of Holy Trinity Church in Chicago; Chris Spano, senior pastor at Trinity Community Church in Bowie, Md. and host pastor, Blake Gideon.

“The purpose of the workshop is to increase the participant’s confidence and ability in rightly handling God’s Word,” Selby said. “We also want each person to leave convinced that God’s Word is powerful and eager to teach it to their people.”

He added that a successful Workshop on Biblical Exposition has three essential components:

• Principles

The leaders will present clear, simple instructions on interpreting and explaining the message of the Bible in an accurate and accessible way.

• Practice

The Small Groups consist of 6-10 participants who have each prepared assigned texts, and are ready to interact with the other group members and a trained group leader to improve their skills in a hands-on way.

• Preaching

There will be an exposition from one of the leaders, demonstrating the value of sitting under the Word of God.

“The mission of the Workshops is four-fold,” Selby stressed. “First, for expository preaching to take hold of a preacher and subsequently edify and evangelize his congregation, he must be confident in setting to the task. We must convince the pastor that the heart of pastoral ministry is the proclamation of the Word.

“Second, as he is convinced he must also grow in his confidence to practice expository preaching. We must encourage him in his own life-long ministry and his soul by ministering to him from the Word.

“Third, as he is encouraged, he must also be given the tools to apply specific principles such that he both understands and is equipped for true expository preaching. We must show him to rightly handle the Word of God.

“Finally, showing him how to faithfully exegete the text assumes a common understanding of the fullness of the Biblical framework, a comprehensive understanding of the big picture of the Scriptures and the Christological (or Biblical Theological) promise/fulfillment pattern contained within. We must reveal to him the geography of the Text. And that is what the preaching workshops do.”

Visit www.bgco.org/leadership for more information or call 405/942-3000, Ext. 4400.