Hance Dilbeck, senior pastor of Oklahoma City, Quail Springs, and president of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma (BGCO), and Anthony Jordan, BGCO executive director-treasurer, extend an open invitation to the 109th BGCO Annual Meeting, Nov. 9-10, at Oklahoma City, Southern Hills.

The theme this year is “Connect>1,” reflecting the Convention’s focus on personal evangelism through the ReConnect Sunday School strategy. A Pastors’ Conference and Missions Celebration will precede the Annual Meeting sessions on Nov. 9.

The convention is like a large family reunion. Everyone is welcome to attend. While we take care of business, this is truly a spiritually uplifting time of fellowship and worship. The Annual Meeting is always a great opportunity for Oklahoma Baptists to come together and celebrate God’s blessings and His vision for the year ahead.

Taking care of convention business is a very important part of the Annual Meeting and requires registered messengers who are elected by the local church. Registered messengers have voting privileges; however, everyone is invited to attend.

/// Election of Messengers

The Annual Meeting of the BGCO consists of messengers from cooperating churches, in accordance with the Convention’s constitutional requirements.  Church members interested in becoming a messenger should contact their local church office for information on the appropriate process to be elected as a messenger.

Each cooperating church has the privilege of sending at least one representative from their church as a messenger to the Annual Meeting. The process is simply for the church, during a business session, to nominate and elect the appropriate number of people to serve as messengers from their church. Upon arrival at the Annual Meeting, the elected messenger must register at one of the two messenger registration desks. During registration, the messenger will be provided a packet of materials and ballots to use during the Annual Meeting business sessions. Only registered messengers have voting privileges.

Messenger Registration (2 options)

1) Messenger Cards

Messenger cards will be mailed to each church prior to the Annual Meeting. Messengers using the card system must present the messenger card at the Convention Registration Desk. Messenger cards must be properly filled out and signed by the pastor or church clerk; otherwise, it will be necessary for the messenger to be certified by the Credentials Committee. Once registration is complete, the messenger will receive a messenger packet, which includes the program, name badge, ballots, and additional information.

2) Online Pre-registration

Pre-registration will be available for your convenience. Information will be made available on the Annual Meeting website, www.bgco.org/annualmeeting. At the Annual Meeting, Nov. 9-10, there will be a separate check-in table for all pre-registered messengers. Once check-in is complete, the messenger will receive a messenger packet, which includes the program, name badge, ballots, and additional information.

NOTE: To streamline the messenger registration process during the Annual Meeting, there will be two separate desks located in the main lobby of the church. Those who pre-register will go to the online pre-registration check-in desk; those who do not pre-register, please go to the Convention Registration Desk.

For more information on becoming a messenger or questions related to the new online pre-registration process, please contact the Executive Office at 405/942-3800, ext. 4528.

Following is an excerpt from the Amended and Restated Constitution of the Baptist General Convention of the State of Oklahoma, revised May 2014.


Section 1. Constituency. This convention shall consist of messengers elected by the Baptist churches cooperating with and contributing to the work of the convention.

Section 2. Messengers. Each church shall be entitled to three (3) messengers and one (1) additional messenger for every fifty (50) members, provided that no church shall have over ten (10) messengers. Mission-sponsoring churches shall be allowed one (1) additional messenger for each mission church sponsored, provided that the additional messenger must be drawn from the mission congregation.