Send Relief is a collaboration between the North American Mission Board, state conventions and associations that helps churches and those who hope to make a difference in their community share the Gospel.

On Oct. 15-16, hundreds of volunteers tackled projects in the first-ever Send Relief Tour making a difference and sharing the Gospel in Tulsa.  In addition to the projects, the tour also included a team rally Friday, Oct. 15th to encourage the volunteers and share how they were making an impact in Tulsa.

Here are four takeaways from Send Relief Tour Tulsa:

  1. Brokenness is our opportunity. There are people in our communities who desperately need help. When churches and Christians alike meet tangible needs, such as providing groceries, tidying someone’s lawn, minor home repairs for a widow, watching a single parent’s children for a couple of hours or providing tutoring, an opportunity often arises to share our story and the Gospel with those we serve.
  2. The Church (Big ‘C’) is stronger together. About 40 churches across the Tulsa metropolitan area collaborated to serve people in need. When the Church serves together, we have an opportunity to leverage shared resources, serve more people and advance the Gospel faster. While working together, the churches simultaneously completed 30 projects and had numerous \Gospel conversations with the beneficiaries of those projects. We eagerly await the final report of total salvations.
  3. Oklahoma Baptists and Send Relief are available to equip and help resource the local church. As your church champions community ministry evangelism, you are not alone. Oklahoma Baptists are ready to help you define your community’s need and guide you through strategically meeting the need to provide your church a door to share the Gospel. Oklahoma Baptists and Send Relief also have resources available to assist your church in meeting needs and sharing the Gospel. If you are ready to champion community ministry evangelism or have questions, please feel free to contact me, Rickey Thomas II, at
  4. Be willing to take a step of faith. Meeting tangible needs is no small feat. We are often met with needs that are greater than our capacity to address. However, we must remember, the unmet need is an opportunity to share the Gospel. Although our individual capacity might be limited, there is no limit when we work together, and Oklahoma Baptists are here to support you. Most importantly, “What is impossible with man is possible with God” (Luke 18:27 NIV). Take a step of faith, and God will continue to use you to make a Kingdom difference.