We are just a few weeks away from 2019 Men Rewired Conference. On April 26-27, nearly 3,000 men from all over the region will come to Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center to attend Rewired. This year’s theme is “The One” which comes from Col. 1:15-23. We want men to come away with a deeper understanding of what it means to follow The One.

The three main sessions will have amazing worship led by Matt Roberson again, with the addition of Marshall Hall of Willow Creek Community Church. In Friday afternoon’s main sessions we will hear from David Burton who is well-known for evangelism training. In the evening session on Friday we will hear from Tommie Harris, a former University of Oklahoma and NFL football player. Finally, the Saturday morning session will feature Tommy Bowden and his father Bobby Bowden, both longtime college football coaches.

This year, we will have many breakout and track speakers, ranging from pastors to retired military to a Hope is Alive panel. There will be opportunities to dig deep during a track or catch two breakouts during the Saturday morning teaching slots.

We are featuring three special demonstrations Friday during the activities time. We will have a BBQ cooking demonstration and tasting. There will be a knife forge set-up with a craftsman, demonstrating how he builds his knives. Finally, a businessman will have his mowing equipment set up and he will share his tricks to the trade of yard care.

We are adding a competition this year to our list, a Cornhole tournament. Teams of two will compete in the open qualifier all day Friday to gain entry into the tournament Saturday morning, followed by the championship match Saturday morning on the main stage.

This is what happens at Rewired, but what is Rewired? It is men’s lives transformed by the Gospel, lived out in the local church. Rewired exists to support the local church, giving them a vehicle to reach their men.

There have been many incredible conversations on Friday nights after the main session. That’s where life change has happened for so many men. After spending a day away from their everyday life, they are ready to do real business with the Lord.

This is why we encourage men to have debrief time with trusted men to deal with what just happened in their heart. God does amazing things in the lives of men at Rewired we would love for you to join us.

Visit menrewired.com for more information.