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Perspective:  Help is on the way

Perspective: Help is on the way

Few states in America know more about disaster than Oklahoma. It is not a contest we wish to win, but a reality we have come to accept. Few know more about how to face and brave the dark days than Oklahomans when thousands of people are left with no homes or cars and only the clothes on their backs. Perhaps this is the reason that Oklahoma Baptists have built one of the strongest disaster relief organizations in the Southern Baptist...

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Perspective:  An uplifting time

Perspective: An uplifting time

This week, the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma (BGCO) meets in our Annual Convention. The convention is like a large family reunion. While we take care of business, this is truly a spiritually uplifting time of fellowship and worship. This year, we have the privilege of celebrating the 40th anniversary of Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief. Begun by Laddie Adams as part of the ministry of the BGCO Brotherhood Department, Disaster...

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Perspective:  ‘Scary theologies’

Perspective: ‘Scary theologies’

Last week, America celebrated one of its consumer-driven holidays called “Halloween.” I am not an old fuddy-duddy, and I am not opposed to kids dressing up and eating candy. This is just not my favorite holiday. I encountered an article in The Washington Post called “Five Christian theologies scarier than Halloween,” written by Susan Brooks Thisltethwaite, past president, and now professor of theology, of the Chicago Theological...

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Perspective: We need one another

October is the month for associational annual meetings. I have the privilege of preaching in two or three of these annual meetings each year. One of the things that captures my attention as I attend these events is the age of associations. In almost every case, the association is older than the convention. The truth is, associations predate state and national conventions among Baptists. The networking of Baptist churches in close...

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Perspective: Focus on reaching people

Like most Americans, I have watched the standoff in Washington. Trash talk has filled the air waves. Guns seem to have been drawn, and each side is waiting for the other to flinch. Talking and working toward resolution has long passed. Sooner or later, someone will flinch, others will declare victory and any innocents hit in the gunfire will be blamed on the other party. Shameful behavior for grown, mature, intelligent leaders? Oh...

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