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Perspective: Worship this Christmas

Perspective: Worship this Christmas

The last gift has been placed under the tree. Preparations for Christmas dinner have been accomplished. The family is in bed with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads. Now you lie down for your first quiet moment, exhausted from weeks of shopping and stressed over the Christmas crush of details and family pressures. Lying in bed, you ask yourself if it is really worth all the effort to buy gifts that don’t fit or that...

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Perspective:  Why are we so blessed?

Perspective: Why are we so blessed?

“Lord, why did You bless me with so many good things? You have allowed me to live in this great land of the free and home of the brave. I could have been born in a mud hut in Africa. Even though I am not rich by American standards, I am wealthy by the standards of the rest of the world. Lord, why have You been so good to me?” Have you ever had such thoughts? Have you ever paused in prayer to consider the abundance that God has poured...

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Perspective:  A cooperative people

Perspective: A cooperative people

From my earliest remembrance, I have heard Southern Baptists described as people of The Book, evangelistic and mission-minded. While all of these have been tested—and are being tested now—the heart and direction of our work has been marked by these three characteristics. But there are other churches and denominations who have these same priorities. For me, the defining mark of Southern Baptists goes a step further. We are a...

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Perspective:  Thanksgiving Alert!

Perspective: Thanksgiving Alert!

Over the last few years, public alerts have become very common across America. For example, when a child is abducted or perceived as missing, an Amber Alert is issued. Television programs are interrupted with a loud, extremely annoying sound that captures the listener’s attention. Signs over highways flash the alert, asking for information in helping find the missing person. We also have a Silver Alert for elderly people who go...

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Perspective:  Help is on the way

Perspective: Help is on the way

Few states in America know more about disaster than Oklahoma. It is not a contest we wish to win, but a reality we have come to accept. Few know more about how to face and brave the dark days than Oklahomans when thousands of people are left with no homes or cars and only the clothes on their backs. Perhaps this is the reason that Oklahoma Baptists have built one of the strongest disaster relief organizations in the Southern Baptist...

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