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Perspective:  Panta ta ethne

Perspective: Panta ta ethne

Panta ta ethne—sounds like Greek to me! Well, it is Greek. These are words taken from the Great Commission. Jesus commanded that we go and make disciples of “all nations” or “all people groups.” The goal obviously is that, one day, we will stand around the throne of God, and people from every tribe and tongue will bow in praise and adoration of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Often, we think of these words of the Great Commission...

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Perspective:  Little prayer, little power

Perspective: Little prayer, little power

Prayer is a core spiritual discipline for a follower of Christ, and is central to our relationship with God. Without a vibrant prayer life, there is little possibility for an intimate and dynamic spiritual walk. The same can be said of a church—little prayer, little power. But I am not talking merely about prayer that is perfunctory, rote or routine. I am speaking of prayer that reaches to the heart of God in praise, thanksgiving,...

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Perspective:  The Gospel spiel?

Perspective: The Gospel spiel?

During the holidays, I was reading the Southwestern News, a magazine produced by Southwestern Seminary. A quote from Senior Pastor John Fils-Aime of the Central Church in New York City caught my attention. Fils-Aime said of his church in the heart of this great city, “We don’t want people to feel like the Gospel is our spiel, but that the Gospel is how we live our lives. And the way we communicate that is through our care and...

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Perspective:  My prayers for you

Perspective: My prayers for you

I want to begin this New Year by praying for you. My prayer is not for prosperity or even health, but a biblical prayer that goes much deeper. Frankly, much of our praying is earthbound. We bend our knee and lift our voice to our Sovereign Lord, asking for requests that would make us comfortable but not better people—more God-centered people. When you read the prayers of the great saints of Scripture, you rarely read prayers that are...

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Perspective: Worship this Christmas

Perspective: Worship this Christmas

The last gift has been placed under the tree. Preparations for Christmas dinner have been accomplished. The family is in bed with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads. Now you lie down for your first quiet moment, exhausted from weeks of shopping and stressed over the Christmas crush of details and family pressures. Lying in bed, you ask yourself if it is really worth all the effort to buy gifts that don’t fit or that...

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