MOORE—Young adults, ages 18 through 24, converged on Moore, First Sept. 11 for Momentum 2015. The event tackled the hard issues of how to reach those attending and their community for Christ. Young adults had the opportunity to attend two of 13 breakout options, offering a variety of topics.

A new addition to Momentum 2015 was a breakout offering information on Medical Missions. The students were introduced to nearly 20 medical personnel, including Conner, a first-year medical student, who said, “You can be a doctor who happens to be a Christian, or a Christian who is a doctor.”

Other breakout topics included Jesus and Social Justice, Not Married Yet: Living for Christ in the Now, Coffee Shop Evangelism, Understanding God’s Will and many others.

The goal of Momentum is “to allow students to see how many other student-aged young adults across Oklahoma are followers of Christ and interested in growing in Him,” said Denny Freeman, Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma Collegiate ministries facilities specialist. “(It is) a venue for students to be able to visit face to face instead of through their smart phone. But, we also know there will be lost folks there, so the Gospel is shared.”

More than 800 students had the opportunity to worship with the Denver Duncan Band with special guest speaker Cedric Hardimon. As the welcome worship session drew to a close, each attendee was asked to write on a Post It note what their hope or goal for the next year would be.

After two breakout sessions and time for fellowship, the students gathered for a final time of worship. As the young adults sang about following where God led them, a team of volunteers placed the notes filled with the hopes and dreams for the coming year on the stage backdrop. Students had written goals for better grades, reaching people in their dorms and prayers for God’s direction in their lives.

Students exited Momentum 2015 celebrating the opportunity to meet new friends, having some theological questions answered and being challenged with sharing the love of Christ in their community.