YEC brings ‘Clarity’ in 2020, Jan. 19-20 - Baptist Messenger of Oklahoma 4

DAVIS—Playing off the year being 2020, Oklahoma Baptists’ Youth Evangelism Conference (YEC) has “Clarity” as its theme. YEC will meet again at Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center Jan. 19-20, and Oklahoma Baptist leadership envisions many students at the encampment near Davis.

YEC brings ‘Clarity’ in 2020, Jan. 19-20 - Baptist Messenger of Oklahoma

Brian Baldwin will lead a panel of students at YEC who will discuss developing Gospel-sharing strategies.

Brian Baldwin, student evangelism and missions ministry partner for Oklahoma Baptists, said 2,700 students have pre-registered for YEC. With the possibility of surpassing 3,000 attending this year, YEC will more than double the attendance in 2016, which was the first year the annual event met at Falls Creek.

“It’s been a good thing to have YEC at Falls Creek,” Baldwin said. “It is a draw to have it in a camp setting. People know what to expect and are excited.”

YEC brings ‘Clarity’ in 2020, Jan. 19-20 - Baptist Messenger of Oklahoma 2

YEC speaker D.A. Horton has a heart for evangelism and discipleship.

Speakers at this year’s YEC include D.A. Horton, a pastor in California who is a popular speaker among young people. Baldwin said Horton has a great heart for evangelism and discipleship and will kick off YEC addressing why Gospel urgency is important. Horton also will have a Q&A session with church youth leaders on the opening night of YEC.

The Skit Guys, which feature Tommy Woodard and Eddie James, are a Falls Creek favorite. They will speak at YEC’s Monday morning session, discussing the principles of the Gospel.

“They are super funny and creative,” Baldwin said about the Skit Guys. “They also have a great understanding of the Gospel, as far at the principles of sharing and why it’s important to share the Gospel.”

YEC brings ‘Clarity’ in 2020, Jan. 19-20 - Baptist Messenger of Oklahoma 3

The Skit Guys will discuss principles of the Gospel.

During the second Monday session at YEC, Baldwin and a panel of students will discuss developing a strategy of sharing the Gospel.

“When it comes to peers speaking, you don’t need to be that dynamic or creative,” Baldwin said. “Peers will pay attention and listen.”

Baldwin chose students from nearly a dozen Oklahoma Baptist churches, who will share with YEC attendees how to present the Gospel message clearly.

The final session of YEC will allow church groups to apply what they know about the Gospel and plan to engage in Gospel conversations. Each group will develop a strategic action plan to accomplish their “Gospel-advancing goals.”

“Inspiration without application always leads to frustration,” Baldwin said. “We will talk about how to live out the plan of sharing the Gospel at school, with sports teams, in neighborhoods and so forth. We also will challenge students to take action of sharing the Gospel whether that’s texting a friend or writing a letter or making a commitment of sharing with friends at school.”

YEC will offer times of recreation and fun at Falls Creek. There also will be more than 20 breakout session options for students to choose. Some breakout topics include “Answering Hard Questions,” “Culturally Christian,” “Evangelism and LGBTQ Issues,” “Mission Trip Prep,” “Sports Outreach,” and “Youth Leader Training.”

“All students will be right at home (at YEC),” Baldwin said. “This includes the core students who want to go deeper; the ‘scaredy cats’ will be in good company; lost people will hear the Gospel and have a chance to respond. Even ‘fringe students’ will want to go all in.

The group will go back with a common cause. Students want to live for a cause. We have the greatest cause the world has ever seen, which is The Great Commission.”

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