I am so excited for CrossTimbers in 2019! Are you?

We will continue to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how He can change your life. Our theme in 2019 is “TRUTH.” In a world where truth seems relative, we will be reminded that God’s Word is true. We will explore how we can know that the Bible is true, why we can trust it and how it can change our lives.

As our name says, CrossTimbers Children’s Missions Adventure Camp, we will focus on missions and adventure. As Southern Baptists, the Cooperative Program is the primary funding mechanism we use to do more together than we could ever do alone. We will learn how our local churches can partner together to reach Oklahoma, the United States and the world.

We will remind kids that they are an integral part of God’s plan to share the Gospel right now. Kids are not only the future Church, they are the Church of today. God is at work all around us, and we are privileged to join Him in His work.

We will learn about places that students from around Oklahoma have gone and will go this year as part of GoStudents (www.gostudents.org). Tulsa; Seattle, Washington; and Seville, Spain will be the places and people of which we will learn. We will also remind kids who Edna McMillen, Annie Armstrong and Lottie Moon are and why we need to know them.

Some new things are coming to CrossTimbers. For the last few years we have been almost completely full at the Davis campground. This year is no exception. Jehovah-Jireh, the God who provides, has done so for us.

Through a partnership with the Northeastern Association and Grand Lake Baptist Assembly, we will be able to offer seven more sessions of CrossTimbers in the northeast part of the state. This is a fantastic opportunity for Oklahoma Baptists. We will have the opportunity to reach more kids, train more sponsors and invest in more staff over the summer.

There are still spaces available to come to camp. Visit www.crosstimbers.org/childrens-camp/registration to register for camp in 2019.

We are still looking for amazing college-age staffers. If you know someone who loves kids and is looking for a summer missions opportunity, send them to www.crosstimbers.org/summer-staff to apply.

This may be the hardest job they will ever have but also the most rewarding. It is like a 10-week mission trip where they will be able to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ every day with many people.

Staffers will have a small group of kids to invest in every week. They will get to know them, minister to them, and sometimes even be ministered to by them.

There are many ways to serve at CrossTimbers. Some of the areas they can serve are: the ropes course, target sports, water sports, cafeteria and missions. Don’t worry, we will train them how to do everything we want them to do. All they need is a servant’s heart.

We will worship together, pray together, laugh together and grow closer to God together. Join us on a great adventure where you know that God will be at work!