bb365536fccfc84428663b1df9ec4432Baptist Village Retirement Communities is a “Baby Boomer.” The ministry was born in 1958. We will be 50 years old next year. It’s our anniversary!

We were born in Hugo out of the call of God in the lives of Will and Nora Baskett. They sacrificed. They gave 68 acres of land, led a fund-raising campaign among their friends and made an $18,000 personal loan. A nursing center was constructed.

Mrs. Baskett furnished quilts, tore up her feather bed to make pillows, brought eggs by the case and gave 150 hens. They invested their resources. They partnered with BVRC.

They were . . . really smart. Their investment in ministry paid off many times over. Fifty years later, BVRC is serving 2,000 people every day. There are eight campuses, two home health agencies and a medical equipment and supplies service. The mission has not changed.

72d4d9c3c4ba74be955c58098308d971Can you see our world changing? People are living longer; a gift from our loving God. You are aging. Your friends and family are aging. We are all aging (you are already older than when you started reading this article, ha).

Today, BVRC is still a pioneer in helping to shape the future of aging services. Partner with us. Your investment, like Will and Nora Baskett’s, will bear fruit into the future.

“Volunteer” . . . in a village.

“Join” . . . a LINC ministry team.

“Give” . . . a monthly gift to the Adams Care Fund to help residents who have insufficient resources.

“Make” . . . a gift for a campus capital need.

“Become” . . . a BVRC Presidential Partner.

“Name” . . . BVRC in your estate plan.

8df426e19732305b8bc5102b48a8c92f“Come” . . . live with us.

“Invite” . . . Baptist Home Care to serve you in your home.

“Let us” . . . supply your medical equipment needs.

Call 866/887-2872 (BVRC), or access our Web site,

Partner with us. Let’s shape the future of aging services together. We’re 50 and growing.

Sunday, Oct. 21 is Baptist Village Retirement Communities emphasis day across the state of Oklahoma.