Dear Oklahoma Baptist family,

My name is Michael Staton and I have the pleasure of leading the Executive Director Search Committee. I would like to provide you with a brief update on where we are in the process, as well as to express my sincere appreciation for the men serving on this team with me.

Not only is this process a considerable time commitment, but it is a tremendous weight that rests upon our shoulders. I am immensely thankful for these men who have served so faithfully and joyfully as we labor together at the task set before us.

Throughout the summer, we have met to address the most important aspects of this process. Not only have we spent time in Bible study and prayer, but we have also examined Scriptural attributes of a godly leader. Further, we have called upon Oklahoma pastors and directors of missions to gain their insight and input while extending our reach even further to key leaders across the country to seek advice and learn from their expertise.

Additionally, I have enjoyed conversations with the presidents of our affiliates (Baptist Village Communities, Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children, Oklahoma Baptist University and WatersEdge Ministry Services) to hear their thoughts as we seek to support the fine work they are doing for both Oklahoma Baptists and the Kingdom of God.

Having completed our process of evaluation and preparation, our team began reviewing resumes on the 17th of August. We are in the process of examining the qualifications and character of each candidate that has been recommended.

As we seek the man that God has willed, we are mindful that there are many gifted and godly men, worthy of consideration. Our main objective is straightforward: to seek the heart of God and find the man He has chosen to serve our state.

We do not have a pre-conceived timeline of when this process will be complete. We want to be diligent, yet patient; hardworking, yet prayerful. With that in mind, we are confident that God will reveal the right man in His good time.

We invite you to contact our Search Committee with any recommendations, comments, or questions at We will be grateful to hear from you.

Our committee is thankful for your prayers and your support. While we certainly feel the weight of our responsibility, we are heartened to know that many people are praying on our behalf. We are thankful for the privilege of serving in this way.

In Christ,


Michael Staton
Chairman, Oklahoma Baptists
Executive Director-Treasurer Search Committee
Pastor, Mustang, First