Our oldest child recently returned from her first major missions trip. While the COVID-19 era has halted many short-term missions plans, it is encouraging to hear reports of churches taking the Gospel around the world.

We are, after all, a Great Commission people, as Southern Baptists. The commandment from our Lord Jesus to “go ye” (Matt. 28:19) should remind us to share the Gospel with our neighbor and with the nations.

It also should impel us toward praying for missions and the Gospel advance. His command also should remind us that we each ought to give toward missions.

As Oklahoma Baptists, we are about to embark on another time of shared giving toward missions—right here in Oklahoma—through the annual Edna McMillan Oklahoma State Missions Offering. It’s been said that Christians should do more than merely give toward missions. We also should pray and go, as we are called and able.

But every person can give something. It could be skipping a couple deluxe coffees to give even more toward state missions; it could be inspiring others to give through your own personal giving. As you pray about your personal part in the State Missions Offering, you can know that every dollar given will make an impact for the Gospel, right here in Oklahoma.

The week of prayer for state missions begins September 5. This year’s offering emphasis is “Shine light in the darkness,” based on John 1:5, which says “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

Oklahoma Baptists, through word and deed, are shining the light of Christ into the darkness.

It is easy to find darkness in our state. Addiction, foster care needs, disaster scenarios, areas in need of strong compassion ministries—these and other key areas are directly addressed by the Edna McMillan Offering.

Today, please visit oklahomabaptists.org/smo to see how this offering is making a difference. Please help promote the offering in your church and circles of influence. And let’s each join in giving this September, as together we shine the light of Christ in dark places.

The best part of all is knowing that when we give, pray and go, we are obeying the commands of Christ and changing lives. And through it all, we are bringing His name glory.