I learned a valuable lesson last year that will serve as an ongoing reminder to take care of things before it is too late.

Last fall, we moved our daughter into an apartment with a six-month lease agreement that we knew we did not plan to continue past the time frame. What I failed to do was thoroughly read the agreement which stated that we needed to provide a 60-day notice of the intent to vacate the apartment.

By the time I read that portion of the lease, it was too late and we had to renew the lease for six more months. When the time came to give notice for that agreement, I assure you it was not too late. I learned my lesson.

Over the past few weeks, we have received numerous calls and emails asking if it is too late to participate in the Connect>1 Evangelism Campaign. For all those asking this question we have good news, it is not too late! There is still time for your church to get involved and participate in Connect>1 this fall.

The campaign is scheduled to begin in September with an Equipping phase that will prepare for the Engaging phase of the 3151 Challenge during the month of October. Connect>1 is rapidly approaching, but there is still time to get involved. It is not too late!

Training clinics are taking place across the state throughout August, and it is not too late for you to bring a group of your leaders to be trained in how to implement Connect>1. These clinics will provide training for leaders in all age groups in a wide variety  of topics, along with the Connect>1 information. A full list of the dates, locations, and times of the clinics are available on the reconnectss.com website.

Lifeway Christian Resources tells us that more than 1,000 Oklahoma Baptist churches utilize the Bible Studies for Life Sunday School curriculum.  This means the majority of churches in our state will be studying the lessons that provide the framework for the Connect>1 Evangelism Campaign. 

If this describes your church it is not too late for you to get involved.  Our staff has developed numerous resources that support the campaign and they are available to you free of charge because of what we do together through the Cooperative Program.

If you are interested in ordering these resources, you can do so through the reconnectss.com website, by emailing sundayschool@bgco.org, or by calling our office at 405/942-3800, Ext. 4656. 

We believe God is going to do a great work through Connect>1 this fall, and it is not too late for your church to be a part of it.