I have been richly blessed with the opportunity over the past few years to serve as interim pastor at a number of great churches across our state.  During the course of an interim, as I start to get better acquainted with the people of the congregation, I will typically get asked a question about Sunday School material.

It usually goes something like this, “Do you have an input to our Sunday School material?” That question often reflects a frustration with the curriculum at some level. My answer, until now, is that we do not have input, but I try to help people understand that those who write curriculum are following a process and a plan. That answer may momentarily appease the frustration, but now I can answer the question with an enthusiastic “Yes!”

We are thankful that Lifeway Christian Resources has partnered with us in the Fall 2016 Bible Studies for Life youth and adult curriculum. This curriculum will provide the teaching content for the Connect>1 personal evangelism campaign that will take place this fall. The first six lessons of the quarter are titled “The Unvarnished Truth,” and are designed to equip group members in the Gospel.

Our own Blake Gideon, pastor of Edmond, First, has written the Bible study material for these lessons, and our Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma (BGCO) staff has written the learning activities to equip group members to share the Gospel. The next six lessons, beginning Oct. 16, are titled “The Unstoppable Gospel,” and demonstrate the gospel principles and power from the book of Acts.

These lessons written by Greg Matte, pastor of Houston, Texas, First, provide a perfect study for the engaging phase of Connect>1 as small group members take the 3151 challenge. The final lesson of the quarter, Nov. 27, focuses on taking the Gospel to the nations and coincides with start of the focus on the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering in many of our churches.

These lessons make up a key component of the Connect>1 evangelism campaign. “The Unvarnished Truth” will provide the equipping needed to share the Gospel effectively, and “The Unstoppable Gospel” will provide the inspiration need to share the Gospel courageously. For many of our churches, this will happen through the curriculum already being utilized.

If your church does not use Bible Studies for Life for your adults and youth, I want to make you aware of an important date for the usage of this curriculum. The deadline for ordering the materials for the fall quarter is June 1. You need to order the curriculum directly from Lifeway, and if you have a standing order with Lifeway, you will need to change it if you are not using Bible Studies for Life. If you have any questions about the curriculum or any other facet of Connect>1, please contact me (jswain@bgco.org) or Bob Mayfield, BGCO Sunday School/adult discipleship specialist (bmayfield@bgco.org), or call us at 405/942-3800.

We wanted to make sure you were aware of this key component of Connect>1 far enough in advance to make adequate preparations. Join us in continuing to pray that God will use the Connect>1 evangelism campaign to impact our state with the Gospel.