It was a Thursday afternoon and I was busy working at my desk on the third floor of the Baptist Building, when a couple walking down the sidewalk caught my attention.

Clearly they were arguing and my mind began to wonder what they were fighting about. I watched them walk past the building until they were out of sight. Then, I went back to work and forgot about them for about 45 minutes when they reappeared walking up the sidewalk across the street.   

This time I was compelled to pray for them, and as I prayed and watched them walking, I felt I was supposed to go and share the Gospel with them.  I said to the Lord as they continued to walk, and knowing they would be long past if they continued at that pace, “Lord if they sit down I’ll go talk with them.”

Instantly, the man dropped his backpack to the ground and then both of them sat down on the curb in the parking lot of Lowes. I moved immediately toward the elevator and stopped outside only long enough to ask a co-worker to pray for the situation and to grab a Connect>1 gospel tract out of my truck.

When I crossed the street, the couple stood up and I introduced myself to them. I told them that I had watched them pass by earlier and that God had compelled me to pray for them as they started back up this street. I even told them that I said if they would sit down, I would go talk with them. They looked at each other, smiled, and then looked back at me.

I explained that I didn’t know why God wanted me to speak with them, but it was clear He was aware of where they were and what they needed. I also said, He had allowed me to see them walking both direction like many others do every day, yet this time as I saw them, He moved me to leave my desk and come down to speak with them.

I shared the gospel tract and they both said they were believers. They took the tract and placed it in their backpack. The young man said while I may not know why I came to speak with them, he thought they did.  They didn’t want to tell me why, but I asked if it were ever possible for me to know to please stop in because I would love to hear.

Now, here I am back at my desk writing about this experience. There was no salvation, no immediate perceived need met, no real spiritual resolution made. Why would the Lord go to such extreme measure to just have me share that He loved them? I may never know until it is revealed in Glory.  

Maybe this Easter season should be filled with stories like this. Stories from people like you and me who Jesus came to demonstrate His love for while we were yet sinners. Stories of us telling others that God knows where they are, that He loves them and wants them to know Him. Maybe reminding me of that is all He had in mind when He compelled me to share with Jeff and Lisa.