After years of struggling with addiction and confrontations with the law, Tammy found herself behind bars. She was feeling broken and alone. From her prison cell, she cried out to God for help. And help came in the form of Christian chaplains who were ministering in the Oklahoma prison where she resided.

Set Free: Oklahoma prison chaplaincy ministry bearing much fruit - Baptist Messenger of Oklahoma 2

Tim Gentry, OJPM executive chaplain and Jason Trice, right, the 2019 Spirit Award winner.

Today, Tammy is forgiven and set free from sin, and also set free from prison. At the Oklahoma Jail & Prison Ministries (OJPM) spring banquet on May 14 in Oklahoma, Tammy shared her testimony of coming to faith in Christ and gave thanks to the many chaplains who serve in Oklahoma’s 20-plus prisons and correctional facilities.

Set Free: Oklahoma prison chaplaincy ministry bearing much fruit - Baptist Messenger of Oklahoma 1

George Rennix, far left, is the 2019 Sower Award winner.

More than 140 people who support or having a leading role with OJPM were on hand for the banquet, which featured two award recognitions. Goerge Rennix, who serves on the OJPM board, has been a long-time volunteer at the Oklahoma Country jail. Rennix was the 2019 Sower Award recipient. Jason Trice, who serves as co-president and CEO of Jasco Products Company received the 2019 Spirit Award, recognizing Jasco’s generous support of OJPM.

Tim Gentry, OJPM executive chaplain, shared with attendees an update of how the Gospel is being shared with those incarcerated in Oklahoma.

“Your efforts as Chaplains, your faithful witness to the saving power of Christ is making a difference,” Gentry said.

Year to date, OJPM has distributed 1,765 Bibles, counseled 4,312 individuals and seen 611 people made a profession of faith in Christ—people just like Tammy. With God’s help, many more will hear the Gospel through these ministry efforts and be set free from sin through faith in Jesus Christ.

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