In light of various conditions in the nation, it is doubtful that believers could ever choose to pray too much. Amidst many troubling signs in our land, surely one positive is today’s ever increasing calls for events of prayer.

As well as periodic special calls for prayer in Oklahoma, the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma Office of Prayer also encourages Oklahomans to participate in the various national calls that are biblically sound. In addition to the National and Global Days of Prayer, it is encouraging that the SBC has set aside the last Sunday in January for convention-wide solemn assemblies.

The Office of Prayer is offering extensive new materials and options for the Jan. 29, 2012 solemn assembly. It is vital that solemn assemblies be far more than a casual event that comes and goes. By the providence of God and a growing awareness of need, more and more believers seem ready for a serious, lasting return to God. Of course, no believer or church has to wait for Jan. 29. Churches can embrace a variety of calls to prayer and repentance whenever God leads. One such opportunity is a special call to prayer on Sept. 11.

Why Special Prayer on Sept. 11?

No doubt, every American remembers the tragedy visited upon our nation 10 years ago on Sept. 11. By this and many challenging developments since, we are ever more reminded of the urgent need for God’s blessings and protection. But even more than economic or physical blessings, America is in desperate need of another historic spiritual awakening. Few believers would disagree that sweeping revival and awakening are America’s only hope for God’s future blessing and grace. (Psalms 33:2; Prov. 14:34)

On Sept. 11, believers around the nation will cry out for God’s mercy and revival in our land. In recent years, one of the new calls to prayer is “Cry Out America,” which is observed on Sept. 11. While this call to prayer is non-denominational, its focus is a simple time of prayer and repentance any believer could adopt. As such, it represents one of the times God’s people can unite to seek His face. The BGCO Office of Prayer urges believers and churches to dedicate the evening of Sept. 11 to special intercession for our land. Many flexible tools are available for either brief or extended prayer times.

Tools for an Effective Night of Prayer:

1. The downloadable cleansing guide, Drawing Near to God in Biblical Repentance is available on our BGCO website under the Prayer and Spiritual Awakening tab. This guide can be distributed and used in the week prior to Sept. 11.

2. The shorter cleansing guide Journey to Full Surrender can be used on Sun., Sept. 11, and is available on our website.

3. The booklet Restoring Our First Love—A Solemn Assembly of Full Surrender can be ordered through our office. It is a tool believers can keep and use long after special events of prayer. This resource is also excellent in preparing believers for Lord’s Suppers.

4. A Prayer Meeting Format for Sept. 11 utilizing the Twelve Prayers for Revival and Spiritual Awakening is also available on our BGCO website ministry page.

5. The Covenant to Seek God’s Face Prayer Guides. These attractive Bible inserts help believers pray effectively for revival, lost people and missions and can be ordered through our office. They are helpful for special days of prayer as well as for continuous use.

6. The website materials from “Cry Out America” are located at Their website contains many quality materials for use by individuals, small groups and churches.

As never before, pastors and churches have a wealth of biblical aids for prayer and repentance. Whether it is on Sept. 11, or whenever God leads, may Oklahomans be prayerful in these crucial days. But may we do far more than casual events. Let us truly return to God in deep repentance and first love passion for Christ’s kingdom. May His glory and praise be our burning passion.

Gregory Frizzell is prayer and spiritual awakening specialist with the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma.