I am so very excited for the Oklahoma Baptists Rewired Men’s Conference! This year, we are returning to a two-day retreat with activities, breakouts and keynote speakers. Our theme this year is from Luke 6:46-49, “Dig Deep.” Men who listen to the Lord and do what He says are men who Dig Deep and lay the foundation of their house on the rock. On what is your foundation laid?

I’ve been a part of Rewired since 2008. I have been an attendee, a volunteer, a speaker and now I am the director. My marriage and my family are better because of this event. I have seen many lives changed. The heart of the men’s conference is the men’s lives being transformed by the Gospel lived out in the local church. This year there are two ways to experience Rewired. Attend in person, where you get the added benefit of the activities of Falls Creek, or attend at a host church where you get the added benefit of being with the men of your church.

I know the pastor of a small church who decided he was going to invest in his men by taking them to Rewired. In the past, he had encouraged his men to go, but he never attended. He asked the men to go with him that year. Men got excited and began to sign up. Before they knew it, they had more men than the last 5 years combined. They all sat together during the main sessions, making a joyful noise.

One man came that year who was on the edge of divorce, and now their marriage is strong by simply being in the company of faithful men. Other men answered the call to step up and lead or volunteer at their church.

Pastors, your example matters, and the men of your church will follow your example. Bring them with you.

The father of a righteous child has great joy; a man who fathers a wise son rejoices in him” (Prov. 23:24). This is a perfect event to bring your son with you. Manhood does not happen by accident; it is intentional and must be bestowed. I have had my oldest son with me in past years. The experience of being with other men, seeing them worship, pray, simply be men together left a lasting impact on him.

I am really excited this year because I get to bring my 14-year-old son, number two. Rewired has become a rite of passage in our family—one of the first steps on the journey of manhood. He will see men rally together for a cause that truly matters, the hearts of men. Culture is coming for the hearts of our sons, and we must combat culture with the truth of Christ.

This year I have asked men to come and share their family’s story. I have asked them to tell how their faith in Jesus impacts their role as a husband and a father, their job, how Jesus impacts everything they do. Each man has a unique story of how the Gospel of Jesus has impacted their family.

I am excited to hear their stories and see how God is going to use them. The one thing about Rewired that is hard for me to describe is the worship time. When all of the men get behind a song and cut loose—it’s just different. It’s special to see the men praise the most high God.

Another thing that makes the conference different is the setting. Falls Creek is truly a remarkable place. The men love to walk around the grounds, fish in the entry pool, hang out in the amphitheater and play games. It’s a space that gives the men room to roam and, for some, to get reacquainted with God.

For many men, the best message they will hear will be on a picnic table with a trusted friend. They will share about past adventures, hopes and dreams.

Again, the heart of Rewired is the men’s lives transformed by the Gospel lived out in the local church. The Oklahoma Baptists Men’s Conference is an event that changes the hearts of men. Fathers bring you sons. Men of the church, bring your friends, coworkers and most of all your pastor. Pastor, bring your staff, your men. I am excited to see what God will do at this year’s men’s conference. Will you be there?

To learn more about Rewired Men’s Conference, April 29-30, visit oklahomabaptists.org/rewired.