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Following the leadership of Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma (BGCO) Executive Director-Treasurer Anthony Jordan, the ReConnect Sunday School Task Force is launching a road trip to more than 20 associations in March, April and May.

“Sunday School is returning to the forefront as the primary strategy for local churches to engage their communities with the Gospel and make disciples,” said BGCO Sunday School Specialist Bob Mayfield. “We have discovered four connections that are essential for Sunday School classes or small groups to make for their churches to be effective in fulfilling the Great Commission.”

During the ReConnect Road Trip, Mayfield and other members of the ReConnect Sunday School Task Force will travel across Oklahoma with the message of Sunday School as the church’s primary strategy for evangelism and discipleship. The meetings are being organized through local associations.

“We have a strong partnership with our Directors of Mission (DOMs),” Mayfield said. “Our DOMs and associations are more than just supportive of ReConnect Sunday School; they are invested in seeing their churches fulfill the Great Commission by using Sunday School as the church’s reaching and teaching strategy.”

During the Road Trip, members of the task force will share the ReConnect strategy with pastors and key church leaders at each stop of the tour. At each destination, the Director of Missions also will share his support and thoughts of using Sunday School as the church’s primary strategy.

“For virtually all of our churches, Sunday School/small groups is the largest organization in the church,” Mayfield added. “It only makes sense that the largest organization of the church align itself with the church’s commission to make disciples. Sunday School is more than meeting for an hour on Sunday morning. It needs to be the primary strategy of the local church to make disciples.

“The church needs a plan, a strategy to actually engage lost people, bring them to Christ, connect them in community, teach them God’s Word and then get each member on mission with God,” Mayfield stressed. “Sunday School is how the church organizes itself to fulfill its mission.”

Pastors and church leaders may register for the ReConnect Road Trip through their association. Associations participating in the Road Trip are listed to the left.

“It’s not too late to join the Road Trip,” Mayfield urged. “Associations can still sign up to host a stop on the tour by contacting the BGCO at 405/942-3800, ext. 4656.”