The Nominating Committee of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma (BGCO) invites Oklahoma Baptists to recommend persons to serve on the various boards and committees. The committee’s nominations will be presented to messengers at the annual meeting of the BGCO, Nov. 11-12, at Oklahoma City, Quail Springs.

It is important that consistent information be available for all recommendations. The recommendation form printed with this article may be copied. Accurate completion of the form is requested for each name submitted. Those sending names for consideration may contact any member of the committee; however, recommendation forms must be received by the Nominating Committee no later than August 1. The electronic form can be completed online at, or the printed form may be mailed to the Nominating Committee, Baptist Building, 3800 North May Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73112-6506, or faxed to 405/942-1339.

Committee members are James Bond, chairman; Meri Kayla Baker, Mark Boyd, Gary Dempsey, Ron Fleming, Keith Gillham, Brad Graves, Erin Hare, Michell Hunt, Jon Johnston, Blake Martin, Zack Potts, Patti Romberg, and Keith Wiginton.

Potential directors and trustees should have a personal history of effort and experience in Christian causes and an interest in promoting the objectives of the organizations to which they are recommended. Knowledge and ability in business are beneficial characteristics for nominees for each board. All board positions are for three-year terms except as otherwise noted.

Following are the vacancies to be filled:

Board of Directors of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma will have 20 positions on the 60-member board to be filled from 14 associations; 16 three-year terms. Four three-year at-large positions will be filled. Six new directors must be laymen. One position is open in each of the following associational areas: Arbuckle, Atoka-Coal, Bryan, Caddo, Cherokee Strip, Concord-Kiowa, East Central, Grady, Kay, LeFlore, Muskogee, Rogers and Union; three positions are open in Capital. To comply with convention bylaws, the number of directors elected from specific associational areas will vary as the resident membership fluctuates, and the number of at-large members will change accordingly from year to year. The constitution specifies that there are to be no fewer than 16 persons who are not ordained ministers of the Gospel serving on the board, including at least eight women and at least eight men.

Board of Trustees for Oklahoma Baptist University will have 10 vacancies on the 30-member board; all three-year terms. Five of the 10 new trustees must be laypersons, and five must be selected from among the professional clergy (pastors, church staff, directors of missions, etc.) or their spouses. The committee seeks to maintain a balance of members from all areas of the state; however, there are no requirements regarding geographical locations.

Board of Directors for The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma will have six vacancies on the 18-member board; all three-year terms. To fulfill bylaw specifications, four of the new directors must be laypersons, of which two shall be women; two new directors must be ministry-related or ordained. There are no geographical requirements, but a geographical balance is desirable.
Board of Directors for Baptist Village Communities of Oklahoma will have nine positions open for recommendation on the 21-member board; seven three-year terms, one two-year term and one one-year term. Two new directors must be ordained or in a church-related vocation. BVC bylaws stipulate that the board shall be geographically representative of the state.

Board of Trustees for Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children will have openings for eight members on the 24-member board; all three-year terms. To conform to OBHC bylaws, six new directors must be laypersons, and two must be ordained ministers or minister’s spouse. There are no geographical requirements, but a geographical balance is desirable.

Convention Committees: Nominees from all areas of the state are eligible to serve on convention committees. The Audit Committee will have three vacancies; all three-year terms. One new member must be clergy who is a recent past officer of the BGCO. To comply with the committee’s charter, members must meet the following criteria: 1) member of the clergy who is a recent past officer of the Baptist General Convention; or 2) certified by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, who are experienced in finance, accounting, and/or knowledgeable of tax and regulatory requirements; or 3) must have senior corporate management experience including finance or accounting, or other comparable experience or background. The following positions will also be open: three three-year terms on the Ethics & Religious Liberty Committee; and three three-year terms on the Historical Commission.

For a recommendation form, see the June 20 issue of the Baptist Messenger or visit Recommendations must be received by Aug. 1.