You may have heard the slogan “Pray, Vote, Pray.” That is an excellent reminder for voters of faith living in America.

What do I mean by “Voters of Faith”? One time, during a U.S. Vice-Presidential debate, the candidates were asked what role, if any, faith plays in their policy-making decisions.

One of the candidates replied, “I don’t see how a person can separate their public life from their private life or from their faith. Our faith informs us in everything we do. My faith informs me about how to take care of the vulnerable, about how to make sure that people have a chance in life.”

I think most Oklahoma Baptists can identify with that response. Our faith affects the way we think, act and vote. Our Christian convictions guide our everyday lives, including on Election Days. We are, in a phrase, voters of faith.

That is why it is important that Christians take advantage of the upcoming opportunities for civic involvement. Oklahomans can find all kinds of help resources at this website

This webpage offers information about how to register to vote, lists of announced candidates, and sample ballots, as well as an election calendar. Here are some upcoming key voting dates:

  • Primary Elections on June 18
  • Runoff Primary Elections on Aug. 27
  • General Elections on Nov. 5

My column here is, in many ways, a reminder to take action. In a larger sense, though, it’s a reminder to pray. We live in crucial times. The number of issues being debated and considered in the culture and at the ballot box—such as abortion, the economy, education and more—have an immediate and lasting impact on this nation and beyond.

Years ago, Adrian Rogers wrote a piece about how to pray. Quoting Francis Schaeffer, he said this: “Dr. Schaeffer, brilliant mind, one of the foremost Christian thinkers of our time, has given 5 principles to keep in mind when you vote. These principles don’t deal with personalities or parties. They are principles.

  1. The dignity of human
  2. The importance of the traditional family.
  3. Religious freedom of speech in schools, both public and private.
  4. Human rights and the need for justice in our world.
  5. The compassionate use of accumulated wealth.

“These five principles ought to be in the heart and mind of every child of God. Pray over these and, based on God’s Word, make your determination. God will give you wisdom in this matter.”

That’s a good reminder, both when Adrian Rogers wrote it and for these days.

Please consider setting aside the time to seek the Lord’s leading in your vote. Pray, then vote, then pray more. The future course of our country depends on such prayers.