Julie Brittain and her husband, Sam, are serving in Nairobi, Kenya, as culture and language specialists. They are on the Nairobi City Team, serving throughout Nairobi through trainings, evangelism outings and teaching. They equip and resource International Mission Board (IMB) missionaries throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, as they learn the heart language of the people they serve.

The goal is for all people to hear the Gospel in a clear and effective manner. This is no small task as there are thousands of languages represented in Sub-Saharan Africa. But Julie and Sam know their efforts are bearing fruit.

“I love to see and hear about IMB missionaries sharing the Gospel and their testimonies in countless languages throughout Sub-Saharan Africa,” Julie said. “It is so rewarding to hear coworkers tell stories of sharing in the heart language of their people and to know that Gospel seeds are being planted broadly.”

Besides the obstacle of language barriers, the Brittains and other missionaries serving on the Nairobi City Team also run into problems with the prevalence of false doctrines.

“We often run into issues that stem from the prosperity gospel that has taken root in Africa,” Julie said. “We desire to communicate the true Gospel and to see people delivered from bondage to the prosperity gospel. We praise the Lord for the local churches that are standing firm in the truth and are eager to partner with them.”

From these local churches, the Brittains and their team often find persons of peace who help pave the way for evangelism into local neighborhoods. A woman named Cynthia is one such person.

“I recently went out to do an evangelism push with a local church,” Julie said. “I was so encouraged to see a new believer named Cynthia join us to share her testimony and the Gospel with her neighbors and friends. We walked together and shared the Gospel many times in her neighborhood.”

Julie and Sam asked prayer for new missionaries as they arrive on the field and navigate culture shock. Pray also that Kenya will begin to feel like home to the Brittains and that Hudson, Elliott and Caleb—their three sons—will acclimate well.

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Julie Brittain is featured in the 2023 Missionary Prayer Guide for Oklahoma Baptists. For more information about the Cooperative Program, visit oklahomabaptists.org/cp.