After 40 years of nationwide emphasis on prayer for revival and spiritual awakening, today’s worsening conditions pose an urgent question. Why over decades of emphases have many conditions worsened dramatically? While small numbers have experienced revival, and some people have indeed been led to Christ, general trends are alarming. Though there are a variety of factors, this article addresses one of the more foundational. It is the need to go from prayers and surrender that are general, to deep repentance and focused intercession.

Biblically and historically, prayer that brings sweeping evangelism and revival are not general or surface. While it is easy to pray “Lord we repent of sin (generally),” it is far different to embrace deep (specific) heart examination. It is quite common for believers to pray “Lord reach the lost,” but less common to actually pray for and witness to lost people. It is easy for parents to occasionally pray “God save my son or daughter,” but more challenging to engage in fervent prayer and fasting.

Sadly, many modern saints have settled for brief and general prayers. Many confess they are discouraged and assume powerful prayer is out of reach for them. And in truth, many indicate they are not quite sure how to go deeper. Yet through God’s grace, all believers can learn to experience greater levels of prayer and surrender.

The book, Forty Days of Seeking God contains a simple covenant that helps believers walk in deeper surrender and more powerful prayer. It is the type of covenant God requires for sweeping revival and evangelism. The Covenant to Seek God’s Face is downloadable or available as an attractive Bible insert. Prayerfully consider the following Bible-based covenant. May these patterns become the daily commitment of every believer and church.

The Covenant to Seek God’s Face

(2 Chron. 7:14; Psalm 139:23-24; Joel 2:12-13; Matt. 6:33, 22:37-39; John 15:4-5; 2 Cor. 7:1; 1 Peter 4:17)

“Holy God, we humbly acknowledge our desperate need to return to You in full repentance and first-love passion. Please forgive us for rushed, shallow prayer times, spiritual apathy and compromise with the world. Forgive us for emphasizing programs, strategies and earthly blessings over fervent prayer, deep repentance and Great Commission passion. We understand that judgment ‘begins at the house of God’ and that we are primarily responsible for the nation’s spiritual condition.

“Lord, we further understand that our prayers and repentance must become deep and lasting, not brief and general. No longer will we merely ‘say’ we repent. We know we must do more than give lip service to holiness, prayer, evangelism and missions. By Your grace, we therefore covenant to embrace four steps of loving life-style obedience. (1) To embrace an initial full life examination and deep daily surrender thereafter, (2) To embrace daily personal prayer times that are substantial and Kingdom-focused, (3) To consistently pray the 12 biblical prayers for sweeping revival and spiritual awakening and (4) To consistently pray for and witness to specific lost people; to labor and give sacrificially for missions.

“Dear Savior, by Your grace and Spirit alone we commit to pray and obey Your heart desires as reflected in this covenant and accompanying tools. Whether our nation first sees revival or increasing judgment, we hereby covenant to seek Your face. Revive the Church O Lord. Send sweeping global harvest and glorify Your holy name. Come Lord Jesus, come quickly!” (Rev. 22:20)

For information on Forty Days of Seeking God or the covenant, emai for details.