What a contrast! This month, Oklahoma Baptists will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the beginning of the Crisis Pregnancy Center (now called Hope Pregnancy Center) ministry. At the same time, abortionists are rejoicing at the opening of the first new abortion clinic in Oklahoma in 40 years. One organization has spent three decades serving women facing a crisis pregnancy and saving the unborn child from certain death. Now, we have a new abortion death chamber dedicated to destroying the unborn child. One organization celebrates life, while the other celebrates death.

According to The Oklahoman, the Trust Women South Wind Women’s Clinic opened for business last week. According to their CEO, Julie Burkhart, the clinic is committed to address the lack of reproductive health care in Oklahoma. Interesting choice of words. There is nothing reproductive about abortion—it is anti-reproductive as an unborn child is eliminated with every abortion.

While the clinic physicians will address other health issues for women, there is little doubt abortion is a central focus of their practice. Indeed, Burkhart proclaims the clinic expects to perform 1,500 abortions the first year, with an expected level of 3,000 abortions to be reached each year. Let that soak in a minute. Every abortion kills an unborn child! Every abortion means money for the clinic.

Let me put that number in perspective. From 2002-2015, Oklahoma averaged 5,646 abortions per year. After a peak of 6,807 abortions in 2006, the number dropped to a record low of 4,330 in 2015.

Contrast abortion clinics with the Hope Pregnancy Centers. In 1986, God allowed me to lead a small group of pastors and churches to open the first Oklahoma Baptist Crisis Pregnancy Center in Oklahoma City; another center was opened in Tulsa. Oklahoma Baptists opened the centers to provide love and care for women faced with “unwanted” pregnancies. Rather than going to abortion clinics and shouting at the women who made their way to destroy their unborn children, Oklahoma Baptists determined to provide a loving alternative. Rather than charge for services, we would provide counsel, love, support and extended involvement with women facing crisis pregnancies.

Over these last 30 years, the number of Hope Pregnancy Centers has increased to five. Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children operates these centers. The ministry of these centers cannot be put in mere numbers, but the numbers do provide a picture worth seeing.

From 1986-2015, these centers of Christ’s love had 130,139 client visits. During these visits, each client was given a pregnancy test, factual information about the baby she was carrying and options beyond abortion. While we cannot absolutely know for sure the number of children saved through these centers, we do know of 9,807 children who were given life instead of death through this ministry. Since the inclusion of the ultrasound, the percent of clients choosing life over death for their unborn child is an amazing 96 percent.

But, these centers are not only vitally involved in saving the lives of the unborn, they also are committed to sharing with the mother the Good News about abundant life through Jesus. These centers have recorded 1,929 professions of faith by clients over these last 30 years. To God be the Glory!

Yes, there is a huge contrast between the Trust Women South Wind Women’s Clinic and Hope Pregnancy Centers. One receives payment to destroy unborn children while the other gives freely to help pregnant mothers choose life. I would rather celebrate 30 years of giving life than the opening of an abortion clinic looking forward to performing 3,000 life-ending abortions each year.

Oklahoma Baptists are people of life, and the life of every unborn child is precious to us. We give and serve because unborn children are precious to God.