James Dobson was one of the first to speak of a cultural war in the United States—the struggle for the soul of America. The Judeo-Christian ethic on which this great nation was founded has been, and is, under assault. While there have always been those who disagreed with the basic moral ethos of our nation found in the Bible, we have never seen such atomic attacks aimed at destroying the moral fabric of the nation as we are seeing today.

I have often spoken of the blatant intolerance of those who preach tolerance. These are the politically and morally liberals who believe the constitution is a fluid document and refuse to accept moral absolutes. They are bolstered by the so-called religious left, who have little to do with biblical Christianity, believe in morality by the slide rule and also reject moral absolutes.

These intolerant proponents of tolerance fight for the right of all to speak and live without restraint—that is unless you speak or live according to the teaching of the Bible. When you stand your ground based on Bible truth, you are to be silenced, rejected and boycotted. Mainstream media very often supports this intolerance. I have watched the mainstream national media shape language that regularly places biblically informed moral and political positions in a negative light. Let me give you two glaring examples.

Take the abortion issue. Most of us hold to a biblical position that life is sacred from conception, so we call ourselves “pro-life.” The normal term used by the media is negative—”anti-abortion.” On the contrary, the media speaks of those who support abortion as “pro-choice.” Of course, you would never hear the media speak of those who believe in death to the unborn as “anti-life” or “pro-death.”

When Dan Cathy, president of Chick-fil-A, and a committed Christian and Southern Baptist, stated that he supports the biblical view of marriage as between a man and woman, the media declared his position as “anti-gay.” He has been ridiculed and rejected by the liberal tolerants. The leaders in Chicago and Boston are determined to see that no new Chick-fil-A restaurants are built in their cities. Why? Simply because the president of the company stood in a positive way for biblical marriage as defined exclusively between a man and woman. In addition, homosexuals spent Friday expressing their views at the restaurants around the country with a “kiss in.” Chick-fil-A welcomed them and treated them with the same great service always shown to customers. NO bigotry. NO rejection. NO hatred. Just great service no matter your moral, political or biblical view.

Too bad liberal moralists, political activists and religionists do not afford tolerance to conservative Christian values. Instead, conservative views are met with hatred, intolerance and bigotry.

We are in a cultural war. It remains to be seen if those of us who hold to a strong biblical ethic will step up and stem the tide of moral decay. I am hopeful after Christians and the real tolerant people of America provided a record-setting profit for Chick-fil-A restaurants across the nation.

While speaking out and defending the biblical position is important, I am persuaded the cultural war will not be won at the ballot box or on the soap box. This war will be won when the church returns to God in repentance and brokenness. There will be a win only when there is a sweeping revival that touches the church deeply and then spreads to the streets of our towns and cities. The result will be a great awakening that transforms people from the inside out with the grace of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.