Throughout these years of praying and giving to see the new tabernacle at Falls Creek Conference Center become a reality, I have said again and again, “It is not about a building. It is about transforming the lives of people who enter the building.” At this writing, we have experienced the first three weeks of camp, and God is confirming this statement. The eternity of children, youth and adults is being changed every week.

The Holy Spirit of God is at work in a fresh and powerful way. The building provides the opportunity for greater concentration and focus. The Gospel is heard more clearly-and by everyone in the room. In years past, people were seated all around the outside of the old tabernacle and even the amphitheater. Their ability to hear, see and concentrate was greatly affected. Now everyone can experience the full power of the gospel message.

In the first three weeks of camp, we have seen a remarkable and dramatic increase in the number of decisions for Christ. During children’s camp, there were 1,124 decisions, with 667 of them accepting Christ as Savior. During our first two youth camps, we saw the windows of Heaven open and God pour out His presence, conviction and power. There were 2,385 decisions during those two weeks. Seven hundred twenty professions of faith were recorded and 517 commitments to missions and ministry. The number of commitments to missions and ministry in just two weeks is within three of the total made during last year’s seven weeks of youth camp.

The addition of the SwiftSkate Park is proving to be a strong factor in the number of lost youth attending Falls Creek. We have seen 150 or more youth skate at the park. Our manager, who also serves as a decision counselor, told me he has seen many of the skaters come to faith in Christ. A side benefit is that churches are investigating ways to have skate venues so they can reach this segment of the youth population for Christ.

I realize there are those who have questioned all the focus, energy and dollars poured into Falls Creek. The reason is simple. Souls! Life transformation! I wish every Oklahoma Baptist could experience the worship and witness the response to the invitation. All questions would be answered, and, in fact, there would even be an outcry to do more at Falls Creek so more can be reached for Christ.

Researchers tell us we are losing the youth of America. The percentage of teens who receive Christ and follow Him is decreasing exponentially. Oklahoma Baptists have chosen to defy this trend by providing a place where night after night, young people turn from sin and turn to Jesus.

I want to thank every person who has given to provide a better Falls Creek. You have invested for eternity. One day in Heaven, a line of people will come to you and thank you for loving the Lord and lost people enough to provide a place where they could meet Christ.

If you have not visited Falls Creek and experienced a worship service, please know you are invited. Take a tour of the new building. Rejoice in what God has done through His people.