It was October of 1904 when a young man by the name of Evan Roberts asked his pastor if he could preach a message God had placed on his heart. Roberts, though young, had been praying for several years that God would send a mighty revival in his land of Wales.

On that October night, the preacher told him he could preach to whoever would remain after he, the pastor, had preached. Roberts preached to 17 people that night. It was an uncomplicated message. His points were direct and hit like burning arrows in the hearts of his hearers. The sermon points were these:

1) Put away any unconfessed sin.

2) Put away any doubtful habit.

3) Right all wrongs with others.

4) Obey the Spirit immediately.

5) Confess Christ publicly.

From that night, many young people responded to Roberts’ challenge and the results were legendary. Within two months, 70,000 people came to Christ; 100,000 people were saved in six months.

As God began to work, the results were not seen just in the amazing numbers of those converted. History records many changes in society.

Once bustling taverns were closed for lack of business. Policemen were idle for lack of criminal activity. People made restitution to others.

Perhaps the most dramatic change came in the mines. Miners had trained the mules to respond to their commands laced in vile language. After the miners were converted, their language changed so much the mules had to be retrained to respond to non-cursing commands!

It wasn’t long until this mighty move of God, started that October night, had spread across Wales and England. Then this move of God crossed the ocean, and America experienced its last mighty move of God on the heels of the Welch revivals.

Does your heart not long for God to move mightily again in a sweeping spiritual awakening in America? Do you long for God to change your heart, church, community, state, and nation? Would you dare to begin a daily prayer routine of praying the five areas outlined in Evan Roberts’ sermon with open hands and open hearts?

On Oct. 20, from 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m., we have asked pastors and staff to join us at Moore, First, for a Day of Prayer and Fasting. Our target is clear—to begin a prayer movement in Oklahoma that goes beyond a few prayers flung toward Heaven on a single day. Rather, our desire is for this Day of Prayer and Fasting to be a beginning.

This time together at Moore will not be our last gathering to pray. Our hope is that pastors and staff will go home from this gathering and lead their respective churches to pray for spiritual awakening.

But you can join the movement of prayer today. You do not have to be at the prayer gathering to be a part. Begin now to pray the five areas listed in this column and respond to the direction of the Lord in your life. Challenge your pastor and staff to attend the prayer gathering in Moore.

Many years ago, an evangelist friend told me of his travels in Wales. He sought to find elderly people who had experienced the Welsh revivals.

In one village, he found an elderly lady who had been saved during the awakening under Roberts. My friend noticed that there was no tavern in the village and asked the elderly lady why? She answered, “Oh, Mr. Roberts was a holy man.” The influence and impact of this young man was still at work many years later.

Thus is the impact of a spiritual awakening. Will you pray?