The genius of Oklahoma Baptists is simple but powerful. WE believe WE can do more together than alone. This is a God thing when you consider the independent, pioneering spirit of our people. WE are fiercely autonomous, but intentionally united. That is why the theme for our Oklahoma State Missions Offering is “WE.”

WE can pool our resources for the purpose of expanding the Kingdom of God in the hearts of people in our state. WE can touch lives together that we could not alone. There is power in “WE.”

It would be almost impossible to battle the dark and violent world of human trafficking alone. Because of the interstate highway system, Oklahoma is a crossroads for the unimaginable practice of trafficking in human lives. It is the new slavery of the modern age—women and children sexually assaulted and used as instruments of vile pleasure.

These victims often are runaway or thrownaway children or teens. Some are caught in the web of drug addiction and become slaves to both drugs and evil people. Exploited through prostitution, the sexual entertainment industry, and a myriad of sexual degradations, these women and children are caught in a hopeless snare. Yet, WE can help liberate them and give them hope. DaySpring Villa is the only state-certified, faith-based program for those seeking a safe place to escape the horrors of human trafficking. WE can provide needed funds for this new ministry into the lives of abused and hurting people.

Chaplains go where WE cannot go personally. When a chaplain touches a family who has lost everything because of a tornado, helps a person who has lost a loved one in the hospital, walks beside a widow who has lost her policeman husband, or walks through the cell block of a prison, WE are there. Oklahoma Baptists have 224 trained chaplains; some are paid and some are volunteers, but all serve in places hard to reach by others. A unique ministry is chaplaincy at the state fair that serves the carnival personnel and families, as well as others who attend the fair. Wherever they go, WE go because of support through the state missions offering.

It is hard for most of us to imagine someone in Oklahoma would go hungry, yet one in four children is at risk of hunger every day in our state. In the land of plenty, there are those who have nothing. WE can impact the needy through the state missions offering. Last year, WE provided almost 100,000 meals through our giving. When a hungry child needs food, WE can fill his stomach. In addition, when the food is given through the ministries WE support, the Gospel is shared as well.

Young people gathered around the flagpole at their school before classes begin for a singular purpose—to pray for their school—is a sight to behold. See You at the Pole has become a unifying event for Christian young people. In many areas across the state, major outreach events are held in the evening where the Gospel is presented in unique ways. Last year, 262 young people committed their lives to Jesus through these events. WE were at each of these events because WE supported the state missions offering.

The Oklahoma State Missions Offering is vital to Gospel impact on our state. Lives are changed and the love of Jesus shared through the events and ministries supported by this offering. Your gift will make a difference. Your gift is vital to these ministries. Please join Polla and me in giving generously. Together WE can do more than alone.