The church supports its ongoing ministry through the tithes and offerings of the people. Salaries, routine building upkeep, utilities, literature and programs are funded through the regular budget. However, when a church finds itself in need of a new building or major necessities, something different is required. Most will conduct a capital campaign to raise the funds needed above budget giving.

The Convention budget is supported by the regular giving of the churches as they contribute through the Cooperative Program, our lifeline for ministry and missions. The same is true of our mission boards, seminaries and other ministries of the Southern Baptist Convention.

When we needed to build a new tabernacle at Falls Creek, we began a capital campaign that called on God’s people to give to this specific need above their tithes and offerings to the local church. We could not have accomplished such a huge undertaking using only Cooperative Program funds. In fact, to this day, no Cooperative Program dollars have been used for the tabernacle or other building needs at Falls Creek.

Recognizing the ongoing needs for the future of Falls Creek, Camp Hudgens, Baptist Collegiate Ministry buildings and other capital needs, the BGCO Board of Directors voted to establish a stewardship advancement group to conduct ongoing fundraising to meet these needs. This historic step will benefit the work of the Kingdom for years to come.

God has been good to Oklahoma Baptists. He has given us the nation’s largest youth camp and provided opportunity for it to become a year-round facility. He has given us a beautiful 530-acre piece of property, presently called Camp Hudgens, on Lake McAlester, which will become a premier missions camp for children. Across Oklahoma, our BCM ministries are growing at an unprecedented rate, and in many cases, the ministries have outgrown their buildings. A lot of the facilities are in disrepair and do not represent our Lord or His people called Baptists in a good way.

Building upon the success of the Falls Creek Campaign, this new stewardship group will help guide us through the development, expansion and remodeling of these structures. Future success will take work and generosity on the part of all of us. But with the stewardship advancement group in the lead, together we will accomplish more than ever before.

In addition, we will be able to work with the Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma in helping Oklahoma Baptists prepare planned gifts that will benefit the work of the Kingdom from the local church to the ends of the Earth.

The future for our work together is bright. It will require vision, commitment and sacrifice to see great things accomplished. But it always has. Oklahoma Baptists are now positioned to take powerful strides forward.