The dramatic non-decision by the Supreme Court of the United States marks one of the most historic events in American history. Because the Supreme Court refused to hear cases from the lower courts, which had struck down laws prohibiting same-sex marriage in several states, same-sex marriage became legal immediately in those states. Same-sex marriage will now become the rule of law in America. This non-decision was one of the most sweeping decisions in our history.

Once again courts—not votes of the people or legislatures—have made decisions that enact laws, which has been the increasing position of courts in the last few decades. This non-decision came as a surprise, but there is no reason to think the outcome would have been different if the issue had been placed before the court.

So what should biblical Christians do in response? Protest? Wail? Bite our fingernails in despair? Rail about the moral decline in our nation? Oh, I suppose we will do some of all of the above and more, but to do so will change nothing. I would propose a more excellent way.

Stand on the truth of God’s Word. As Christians, we need not be surprised that the culture rejects biblical Christianity. The world has always rejected uncomfortable truth, and we need not forget that the world crucified our Savior. Truth is not defined by legislatures, Congress, presidents, or courts. Truth is divine revelation from God. Truth is not the thoughts of man, but the revealed truth of God. Therefore, our position regarding homosexuality or same-sex marriage finds its definition in the infallible and inerrant Word. The truth is uncomplicated and straight-forward—marriage is between a man and a woman for life.

Love all people. This is a tough task. People who do not like the message often do not like the messenger. Yet, our task is to love all people all the time. Whether they are homosexual or straight, same-sex couples or opposite-sex couples, it does not matter. Our speaking of truth in regard to their lifestyle must never be snide, harsh, or uncaring. We must follow Jesus. He spoke truth, yet the vilest sinners felt conviction, not condemnation. Yes, some homosexual or same-sex couples will not allow us to speak truth to them whether in love or otherwise. We just must be sure their deaf ear is not because of our unkindness or bad attitude.

The path forward will not be easy. For more than 200 years we have enjoyed a nation dominated by the Christian worldview. This worldview has been slipping away for numerous reasons, not the least of which is the spiritual weakness and lethargy of the church. Cultural Christianity, which is not Christianity at all, has become far too prevalent in the church. When the church becomes the holy body of Christ followers in word and in deed, our message lands on target. Revival in the church will change things quicker than favorable laws or court decisions.

Share the Gospel. Our culture is changed one person at a time when the work of the Gospel becomes reality in people’s lives. The Good News reveals the bad news—the Gospel transforms. The quickest way to deal with the homosexual and same-sex marriage issue is through the Gospel. Internal change can transform the most hardened sinner, no matter what the sin. The message of the Cross cleanses and brings newness of life. If you want to see the moral climate of America change, pray diligently for spiritual awakening and become a consistent, bold witness of the saving grace of Jesus.

No, I am not going to bite my fingernails nor shout at the darkness; nor should you. Let’s stand on the truth of God’s Word and refuse to compromise. Love all people all the time. Pray for God to show up and show out among us in purifying fire. Tell the Good News to everyone. That’s the path forward whether it is same-sex marriage or any other breach of the Christian worldview.