“OK, Joey, what do we say to Aunt Louise for such a nice gift?”

I suspect every parent has spoken similar words to their child. Children often get so caught up in joy over the gift that they fail to say thanks to the giver.

I wish that were only true of children, but I am afraid this may well describe many of us in relationship to the abundance of good things our Lord places in our lives day after day. We become so accustomed to His provision of “daily bread” that we do not stop to say thank you. We get frustrated with kids who are unappreciative, but far too often, we treat our Heavenly Father the same way.

So, during this Thanksgiving season I want to remind us all, “OK, Brittany, what do we say to our Heavenly Father for His cornucopia of good gifts in your life?” I suggest that the reminder is not just for one day or one season a year, but for every day. Not just for the big answers to prayer, but for good things He places in our lives.

Each day, as a part of my prayer time, I thank God for the privilege of a new day.   I often say it like this, “Lord, thank You that I have the joy of sucking air today.”   While I am ready to go home when He calls, He has created each of us with a desire to live on this Earth for as long as possible. I do not want to take one day for granted. Life is precious and fleeting.  Every second is a gift from the Father.

Have you ever said to your kids, “You better eat your food and not waste it because there are children all over the world who don’t have anything?” While we say such things tongue in cheek, the reality is that there really are people all over Oklahoma, our nation and world who are malnourished and do go to bed hungry.  Recently, I was told by the head of the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma that 600,000 Oklahomans are at risk of going to bed hungry. Amazing! It is incomprehensible that in the land of plenty anybody—child to senior adult—would place their head on a pillow with an empty stomach because they do not have enough to eat. It makes a simple prayer of thanksgiving for “daily bread” very appropriate.

My point could be pressed in many directions. The bottom line is that we, as God’s people, should never have to look for things for which to give thanks. We, the people who have experienced the amazing grace of God through salvation and life, should never allow ourselves one day without pouring out a plethora of thanksgiving and praise to the Father for the abundance of good things He provides in our lives.

So, “What do we say to our Father God for His gifts?” A simple “thank you” works.

Happy Thanksgiving!