I love the book of Revelation. Some people would immediately say that I must be a real prophecy buff. They might expect me to have my eschatological charts and have pinpointed the exact timing of when the rapture, tribulation and millennium will take place. Oh, I have my own perspective on these things, but that is not why I love reading and studying the book of Revelation.

To read Revelation affirms to me over and over again what a great Savior we have. Our Savior is the conquering King of Kings and Lord of Lords! He is the Lord God Almighty. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. The overwhelming message of this marvelous book is simple, but so powerful. Jesus Christ will come in majesty and glory to bring the conclusion of history. We, who are on the Lord’s side, win, and those on the other side lose—not just for a moment, but for eternity. History is not some fatalistic fluke, but is anchored in the hands of the Lord Almighty and will be brought to a God-defined and controlled conclusion.

This perspective has never been more wonderful to me than in these last 30 days with the unbelievable events of the American election and its aftermath. No matter one’s political take on the election, I do not remember, in my lifetime, a higher level of uncertainty. The world seems to be in constant ferment of anger, and terrorism continues to strike its blows. Governments across the globe are unstable, and many governments seem on the verge of collapse.

Ringing through the siren song of evil and dismay comes the encouraging and stabilizing truth of the last book of the Bible. Take a moment and read Revelation chapter 1. Notice the powerful statements and image of the Mighty Savior. Take heart, He is on our side. Turn to chapter 5 and notice that the one who begins to unfold the scroll, which contains the final purposes of God in judgment and triumph, is the Lion of Judah, the Root of David, the Lamb of God. Run to Him and worship at His feet for He is worthy of your worship. He holds you in His almighty hand.

As I read the great Revelation, I am reminded again and again of the remarkable love of God toward me and all who are His people. No wonder the 24 elders in chapter 5 sing to the Lamb a new song—the song of the redeemed! If our God loved us so much that His Son—the Lamb—redeemed us with His own blood, I seriously doubt we should fear the uncertainty of this world.

I know, some people believe that we Christians live our lives in blissful and wishful thinking. When we do not become overwrought by the happenings of this world, but seek to view them in the grand scope of God’s eternal plan, these people become irritated. They often view us as being “pie in the sky” people. No, we are not. We are just people who have read the end of the book. We may not know all the paths to “The End,” but we know the One who will sign the last page. We trust Him in spite of outward circumstances. World events are not ignored, but seen in the light of the purposes of God.

On other occasions, I have urged you to read the Revelation, and I do so again. Do not read to grasp every detail, but read it for the grand, panoramic view of our God who is moving all things to HIS conclusion. Whether or not you can pinpoint the rapture on a prophetic flow chart is not essential, but it is essential that you hold a firm belief in a purposeful God who gives ultimate and complete victory to His children.