Some of life’s greatest spiritual experiences happen at summer camp. When young people and children get away from television, iPods, video games and the plethora of distractions that keep them from hearing God, the potential for a spiritual breakthrough is great. By the way, God often dramatically intersects the lives of sponsors as well.

At age 14, my own life was forever changed during Falls Creek. Away from the innumerable things that kept me from responding to God, I heard the gentle but very distinct voice of the Master calling me to a lifetime of service in vocational ministry. My life has forever been changed because of that week at Falls Creek. My testimony is only one among thousands upon thousands of lives that God has touched on those sacred grounds in the Arbuckles.

The same could be said of many of the associational camps across our state. God works in big ways in these smaller camps. The mission field is filled with people who felt the call to missions as they sat in a tabernacle at Falls Creek or an associational camp. God has used our mission camps for boys and girls, and now CrossTimbers, as the settings where the Holy Spirit powerfully calls.

Just as awesome are the thousands who have come to know Christ as their personal Savior. Through Bible classes, music, preaching and constant interaction with others who know and love Jesus, the lost have found their Savior and Lord. Every summer for many years, I was asked to preach one of the commitment services at Nunny Cha-ha. What a remarkable blessing! I would present the simple Gospel and many precious girls would respond. God had been preparing their hearts all week for that one moment—the moment of salvation.

As the summer camp season approaches, I want to call upon us to pray with fervency and passion for Falls Creek, CrossTimbers and the associational camp in your area. I am calling upon us to do more than pray an occasional prayer. I am asking you to join me in making these camps a part of your worship service prayer times, Sunday School prayer times and private devotionals. Let Heaven resound with the prayers of God’s people for the souls of children and young people to come to faith in Christ. Call upon the Father to call out many new laborers into His harvest through these camps.

I would encourage you to ask your pastor or youth leader to give you the name of a young person who will be attending camp. Pray all week for that young person. Turn off the TV and pray at service times each night for the glory of God to fall. Pray that the Holy Spirit will bring powerful anointing on the preacher and strong conviction in hearts of listeners.

One other thing you can do. Some of us no longer have children or teenagers at home. Why not ask your pastor or youth leader for the name of a young person who needs to go to camp. Offer to pay their way. One senior adult told me she was asking for the opportunity to sponsor a lost young person. What an investment in eternity!

May our Lord come down in power and glory on our summer camps across Oklahoma. May the Book of Life be filled with new names written down in Glory. May new laborers be called into the harvest. To God be the glory!