There are times in the Christian life when one is so overwhelmed with gratitude and praise that it is impossible to articulate one’s feelings. Language is the medium of expression, but at such times it is inadequate to declare the fullness of the heart. So I confess before I begin that I am devoid of sufficient or appropriate words to express my gratitude to our Lord for the demonstration of His grace among us.

Last Friday evening, the curtain fell on youth weeks at Falls Creek. The eternal results will not be known until we get to Heaven. But I do want to tell you about the remarkable weeks we enjoyed in this 90th year of Falls Creek and the first year in the new tabernacle.

An all-time attendance record was set in 2007 with 54,496 in attendance-quite an increase over last year’s total of 44,002. It is hard to imagine the impact of the preaching, teaching and worship on this record-breaking gathering of people.

I do not think we could have imagined the difference in the number of decisions when people can see, hear and not have to be distracted by the intense heat under the old tabernacle. The decision totals were nothing short of phenomenal. God chose to validate the faithfulness of His people to give and provide such a remarkable facility in which to worship.

Consider the details. Total recorded decisions in the worship services were 7,600. Of that number, 2,443 made professions of faith. Both of these figures are the largest in the history of Falls Creek. But that’s not all. There were 1,156 who came to the altar declaring that they sensed the Holy Spirit setting them aside for full-time vocational ministry or missions. To God be the glory!! Considering that there are many decisions made during cabin devotionals that are never recorded in the tabernacle, it is hard to comprehend the spiritual impact of this year’s summer encampment.

I know of no time in our 100-year history when we have been stretched so far to accomplish so much. Yet, every mile driven and every dollar given has been rewarded a hundredfold by our Lord.

Each Saturday the baton is handed off. As students board the buses to return home, the local church now must take the baton. Follow-up and discipleship of these students is critical to conserve the fruit produced by our Lord at Falls Creek. Every student deserves special attention, mentoring, baptism and the privilege of being taught how to walk with God. I challenge every youth minister, pastor and sponsor to reach for the baton and take it to the finish line with these young people.

Well, there is nothing to do but praise the Lord. I pray that from all over Oklahoma our voices will be raised in praise to our wonderful Savior and Lord. He alone is worthy of praise, honor and glory. He alone is to be praised for this remarkable year at the Creek. Join me in offering Him praise!