One hundred years ago, the newspaper was the way people received their news. When a major event occurred a boy would stand on the street and shout, “EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!” World changing stories (which were few) utilized a “second coming headline” font. Today, television brings us major stories as “special reports” or “breaking news.”

Monday, Feb. 26, The Today Show broke a story worthy of “second coming headlines.” Hosts Meredith Vieira and Matt Lauer announced this story would be one in a lifetime. “Huge” is an understatement for the breaking news that would be given further exposure in a press conference later that day. What could be so world changing and earth shattering? According to The Today Show, archeologists have found the “family tomb” of Jesus, and a Discovery Channel documentary and a book will give the full details.

I decided to slow down and listen to this “once in a lifetime” news. As the discussion unfolded, television viewers were introduced to the major players in the story. The documentary was created by James Cameron, producer of the movie “Titanic,” and Simcha Jacobovici, an investigative journalist. Considering the sources, I began to have great suspicion before hearing another word.

According to the documentary, the family tomb of Jesus has been found, and it holds the ossuaries of Joseph, Mary, Jesus, his wife and their son, and Mary Magdalene. This “great discovery” has many parts that I do not want to waste space to discuss.

The investigative reporter who broke this story claims that the news should not fray the nerves of Christians. He said if the tomb is real, it does not mean that Jesus could not have been raised a second time! Sorry-if the story were real it would destroy all creditability of the biblical accounts and our faith is in vain. Now that is the blunt truth.

But before you burn your Bibles and close your church doors, I would suggest you consider a few pertinent factors. First, the source of this story is a producer who knows how to sink a ship. The story is the Titanic of all “news” stories and will sink to the bottom of the ocean as quickly as The Da Vinci Code. Second, no event in history has been so scrutinized and studied as the life of Jesus, His death and resurrection. The integrity of the Bible and its message still stands after 2,000 years of scholarly pursuit. Third, archeological discoveries have been made throughout history that on the surface discredit the Bible, but after further examination, are themselves discredited or provide even greater proof of the Bible’s infallibility.

So, I suggest we continue to tell the story of Jesus, the virgin-born Son of God who lived a sinless and single life, died on a cross for our atonement, arose from the grave on the third day and is coming again to receive His church and rule a new Heaven and Earth. By the way, His return will warrant a “second coming headline” font, but none will be needed. All the world will know. And don’t forget. His tomb is still empty. His bones weren’t and won’t be found. But be assured-the King is coming!