God has been so good to me. I have enjoyed multiple and varied experiences around the world, all of which impacted my life and strengthened my faith. I am constantly astonished by the saints God has raised up in faraway and often difficult places. Trips to other countries often leave me extremely humbled by the sacrifice and commitment of believers who face seemingly insurmountable circumstances.

I have just returned from Mexico, where our convention has established a partnership with the Baptist Convention in the state of Guerrero. Our goal is to help them aggressively plant churches across their state. Guerrero is located along the coast from Acapulco to Ixtapa, and inland there are very rugged mountains. While it is clear that Mexico has made many economic strides and many cities are as modern as the United States, the vast majority of its citizens live in far worse conditions.

The lostness in Guerrero is devastating. To drive down the streets and into the countryside is to pass millions who have never heard the clear and unadulterated Gospel of Jesus. Yet, among them God has raised up a people who have committed themselves to sacrifice so that their countrymen may hear the good news of Jesus.

I was struck by the vision of the leaders of the convention. They have a clear plan that outlines and pinpoints the most strategic locations where churches need to be started. They are sending church planters into these places to start missions and work until pastors can be developed and called.

They need our help. In fact, we need at least 12 churches that would immediately be willing to work beside a church planter in conducting prayer walks, gospel saturation, Vacation Bible Schools and evangelistic campaigns. Our hope is that Oklahoma churches will send three or four teams a year at agreed upon times to come alongside the church planters to make major impact on lostness. It is very possible that we will see a church planting movement begin in Guerrero. The seeds are already in the soil. They are sending a Macedonian call to us to join them, and they will take as many churches as are willing to help. Is your church willing to go?

Many years ago, God raised up a small seminary in Guerrero to train leaders. Oklahoma and Arizona Baptists have been working side-by-side there to provide housing for married seminary students. Their efforts will make available much needed space for students who are preparing themselves for ministry.

While visiting the seminary, I had the opportunity to preach in a chapel service. At the conclusion, a young woman came to the platform to present me with a gift. The students had heard of “The Blessing” offering our President has called us to make to Falls Creek. They had collected $100 and presented the check to me. They felt Falls Creek had blessed them because of its deep work in the hearts of many of us, and they wanted to give back to us because of our partnership and the generosity of Oklahoma Baptists.

It is rare, indeed, to find me without words. My heart was so full, and I was so overwhelmed, that through tears I thanked them in behalf of Oklahoma Baptists for their generosity. Truly out of their poverty they gave.

People with that kind of heart and commitment deserve our help. I challenge you to contact Sam Porter and become one of what we hope will be a large number of churches that respond to the Macedonian call to Guerrero, Mexico.