Next Mon. and Tue., Nov. 14-15, at Moore, First, the messengers from our churches will meet for the BGCO annual convention. Conventions are marked by inspiration, fellowship and business.  

For most of us, it is like a homecoming reunion. We will see people that we do not see the rest of the year. Oklahoma Baptists have strong ties to one another.  There is homogeneity about us. Some of us come from the country and others from the city—but we are all Okies. We love getting together and exchanging stories of victories and defeats, joys and sadness. In the end, our joys are multiplied and our hurts diminished when they are shared. Our fellowship will be marked by times of prayer and times of laugher.

The convention meeting is filled with multiple opportunities for worship, praise, and powerful preaching. This year, the Singing Churchmen will lead us in worship. Men of God gifted to preach the Word will challenge us and touch us in the depths of our soul. We will celebrate the work of God among us over the past year.

Conventions give us opportunity to envision our cooperative work together. God is opening unbelievable doors for mission involvement over the next few years. We will have the privilege of meeting new friends whom we will walk beside in Colorado, Mexico and East Asia.  

But conventions are business meetings also. This year, we will approve a restructured and revised constitution and bylaws. Unity and integrity are shaped by the documents that govern us. A new approach to our Financial Plan will move us to greater support of missions at home, in America and around the world. The Financial Plan determines the investment we make in the cooperative work we do.  

It has been my joy to lead the work of Oklahoma Baptists for the last 15 years.  I have never been more proud or more excited about our cooperative work together. It seems that God is opening doors for our convention of churches that will allow us to be involved in His great redemptive plan in the world. Our own state awaits those with a passion to share Christ.  

I hope you will come join with your fellow Oklahoma Baptists for our homecoming reunion. You will be blessed.    

Anthony L. Jordan is executive director-treasurer of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma.