Help! I am in the midst of information overload. Messages and more messages come my way. I survey my desk and am convinced it is covered by the paper equivalent to two giant sequoia trees. Some days, I fear I may suffocate under the reams of paper that clutter my life.

But it is not just paper. In this age of technology, paperless communication also vies for my attention. Many consider the computer and e-mail to be great advancements. I think they may be from the pit. Traditional USPS mail has been bypassed by e-mail. Those who don’t have all the latest technological toys for communication are “out of touch.” We must have a Palm Pilot, a pager and a cell phone (digital, of course) or we cannot survive. One would never want to have an uninterrupted moment!

For the last decade or so, no self-respecting household could get by with less than two television sets and four radios all turned on at once. Dad would go crazy if he couldn’t surf through 100 cable channels and try to keep up with three ballgames, a fishing show and a favorite drama-and all of them at the same time.

The end result of all of this-emptiness. The more noise and clutter we have in our lives the less time there is to reflect, contemplate and ponder. The wonder of life gets lost in the piles of paper and the disturbing beeps, rings and buzz of technology.

Be still and know that I am God. We have available to us more information about God, and we know more about Him than any generation. We can pop in a CD and hear music about Him. We can listen to preaching and teaching at any hour of the day. Yet, I propose that despite the flood of information, we know Him less than preceding generations. Why? We have forgotten how to be still. Far too many of us are noise and info junkies. We can’t sit still unless we have a piece of paper in our hands. We can’t enter a room or ride in a car without the constant, noisy accompaniment of some form of information or entertainment.

I want to propose a novel idea. Turn off the radio in your car. Spend the ride time praising God and, more importantly, being still before Him. Turn off the television and sit quietly in a chair contemplating the greatness of God. Find a park bench on a warm day and think lofty thoughts about God.

The sound of silence. What a wonderful thing. It just might be the prelude to a spiritual revival in my life and yours. Put away the toys and interrupters of your life. Seek solitude. Bask in the presence of the Almighty and lavish your love on Him. Life will find a resting place and your soul ground center.

Be still and know your God. You won’t regret it.