The political season is in full swing. Both major political parties are in a struggle to find the right candidate to carry their banner to a hoped-for victory in November. Perhaps more than any year in my lifetime, these parties are in a struggle for identity. I don’t think I have ever seen such a mixed bag of ideas, rancor, mudslinging, and unpresidential shenanigans by multiple politicians. Politics has always had its peculiar people, but somebody opened the tap wide open in 2016.

As I listen to people talk, I hear fear that unless we elect the right president, all is lost. I assure you, I do hope that America will elect the right person who holds to traditional values, and even more importantly, who walks with our Lord and lives by the principles of the Bible. In fact, I react to people who say we are not electing a pastor but a commander-in-chief. That is true, but it surely would not hurt to elect a conservative Bible-believing, fully-devoted follower of Christ who is also a bright politician and effective leader.

But if we were so fortunate as to elect such a leader, would all our problems be solved? Not by a mile. Every step in the right direction is a blessed thing, but our nation is so polarized and dysfunctional, there will need to be many successive leaders of high character and effective leadership to lead us out of the morass.

I truly believe we who are privileged to live in America must exercise our political rights. We should study those who are running for office and seek to elect righteous leaders and leaders who hold to a Christian worldview. Leaders who, like Daniel, will not compromise the truth while demonstrating humility and righteous character.

So before I take a hard right turn in this article, please know I am totally committed to responsible action in the political process to elect quality leaders; however, political leaders come and go. Yes, America may have momentary improvement under the best political leader, but our trust must never be solely in a person.

I am convinced there is a far greater need in America. America needs God to send a great spiritual awakening that will shake the very foundation of our country. A God-breathed awakening will turn the hearts of the people to the only source for lasting change. When the people change, so will the leaders. Those who are running for office are seeking to give us what we want. A spiritual awakening changes our “wants.”

If you long to see abortion as a thing of the past and same-sex marriage a memory of bygone days, then fall on your knees and cry out to God. Pray that God cleanses and transforms His church. Pray that the church becomes salt and light in our nation. Pray that God pours out His Spirit upon His people because they have fallen on their faces in heartfelt repentance before a Holy God.

Oh God, fall fresh upon your people. Revive us again that your people may rejoice in You. Transform our nation by the power of Your Spirit through a transformed church.