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Personhood USA launches media blitz for Oklahoma Personhood Act

DENVER, Colo.—Personhood USA began a massive media campaign March 13 in support of the Oklahoma Personhood Act.

The pro-life organization has announced itwill run both a 30-second and a 60-second radio spot and a television ad featuring Josiah Presley, an abortion survivor from Norman, throughout the state.

“My name is Josiah, and I am a survivor. When my mother was two months pregnant, she decided to abort me,” says Presley. “But I survived, and a loving family decided to adopt me. I’m a person now, and I was a person then.”

The ads can be seen and heard in their entirety at

Sponsored by Tulsa Sen. Brian Crain, The Oklahoma Personhood Act will recognize that the life of every human being begins at conception. The bill will afford all unborn children “at every stage of development all the rights, privileges and immunities available to other persons, citizens and residents of this state” and define the terms “unborn child” and “unborn children” to “include all unborn children or the offspring of human beings from the moment of conception until birth at every stage of biological development.”

The measure passed overwhelmingly in the State Senate in February by a vote of 34-8. It is currently awaiting committee assignment in the State House.

“Every single day, 20 innocent children lose their lives to abortion in Oklahoma. The good news is there is a 2 to 1 majority of lawmakers who promised us they are pro-life, and they would protect these babies,” states the radio spokesperson.

The measure has also earned the endorsement of former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. The presidential candidate released a statement last month, reading: “As I have stated a number of times in this campaign, I support the personhood principle, and I support states finding ways to defend life by defining personhood under their state constitutions. It is my hope that Congress will one day pass pro-life legislation under the 14th Amendment that defines personhood as beginning at conception.”

“This is the moment that everyone in Oklahoma—dedicated to ending abortion and recognizing the dignity of every preborn baby—has been waiting for,” said Keith Mason, President of Personhood USA. “The good people of Oklahoma can become the first to declare their state a safe haven for the youngest and most vulnerable members of our human family, but we must act. The people must make their voices heard.”

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  • Lloyd Biggers

    I am thankful to live in a state where people respect the sanctity of life and will express that respect through legislation. For too long children of this nation have been allowed to be killed on the abortionists’ tables under the guise of “choice,” when the most vulnerable and defenseless member of our society, that little boy or girl in the womb, had no choice. Over 50 million children have been killed since the Roe V Wade decision! How many George Washingtons were in that group? How many Einsteins? Did one have the cure for cancer? We will never know. Their little bodies were discarded like yesterdays newspaper. I sincerely pray that this infanticide, this national shame will end with the success of Personhood USA and that God will forgive us as a people for this horrible era in the history of our nation.

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