I admit it. I cried during the first Kendrick Brothers movie I watched: the marriage-themed Fireproof (2008). I did the same during Courageous (2011), which spotlighted fatherhood, and War Room (2015), which focused on prayer.

And, yes, I cried again while watching a screener of their latest film, Overcomer, which opens in theaters Aug. 23 and follows the story of a basketball coach and a high school cross country athlete who are searching for their identity in life.

Overcomer stars Alex Kendrick, center, and opens in theaters Aug. 23

Alex and Stephen Kendrick—the filmmaking duo behind these popular faith-based films—are skilled at weaving an emotional-laden story with biblical truth.

Sure, they want to entertain you, but they’re more concerned with your heart. They want to convict you with the Gospel. They want you to walk away from the movie with a desire to become more like Christ. That’s why many of us cry during these films.

Overcomer (PG) follows the story of John Harrison (Alex Kendrick), a coach whose team is expected to contend for the state title. But when a local company closes—forcing families to move elsewhere looking for work—he loses his best players. He also loses his identity as a successful basketball coach. John is then forced to coach the cross-country team, which consists of one girl named Hannah (Aryn Wright-Thompson) who also is searching for her identity and purpose. She grew up without a father. Overcomer also stars Priscilla C. Shirer (War Room) as the principal and Shari Rigby as John’s wife, Amy.

Overcomer asks the question: What do you allow to define you?

A Christian’s identity, the Kendricks say, mustn’t be found in their work, hobbies or family, but in Christ.

“Even though we call ourselves Christians, we still tend to put our primary identity in our job,” Alex Kendrick told me.

Stephen Kendrick said, “If we don’t know who we are in Christ, we will be devastated rather than just disappointed” when trials come

“It’s like sending somebody out on a football field and they don’t know what team they are on or what position they’re playing,” Stephen Kendrick said. “They’re failing perpetually and frustrating everybody else because they don’t know who they are in Christ.”

It is the Kendricks’ sixth film and their first since War Room, which climbed to No. 1 nationwide on its second weekend.

A No. 1 showing at the box office may be a tall task for Overcomer because of the competition: The R-rated Angel Has Fallen, which opens the same weekend as Overcomer, is predicted by Box Office Pro to make around $17 million its first weekend (War Room was No. 1 with $9.5 million).

But Kendrick films always seem to surprise us.

Overcomer is rated PG for some thematic elements. Visit OvercomerMovie.com.

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