Stephen Black, executive director of First Stone Ministries, and Dennis Jernigan, president of Shepherd’s Heart Ministries, headline “The Clarity Conference,” hosted by Oklahoma City, Cherokee Hills, Sept. 17-19.

Black and Cherokee Hills Pastor Mike Keahbone will co-host the meeting at the church, which is located at 5700 NW 63rd St.

“The conference has a line-up of outstanding scholars and teachers, each presenting from at least 25 years of experience proclaiming truth from the Bible and freedom on the issue of homosexuality,” Keahbone said.

“We live in a culture that is constantly trying to paint gray areas onto what the Bible has clearly painted as black and white. Much of what Christian people believe and think about current events is based on emotion, rather than biblical truth. The Clarity Conference is designed to bring biblical clarity to a relevant issue. The clarion call of our day is for pastors and ministry leaders to teach the truth of God’s Word in love to our congregations.

“The goal is for our church members to do the same in loving the same-sex attracted persons well. A lack of understanding in the totality of God’s Word on this issue by both the church and the homosexual community can make the church an enemy to those who are living in homosexuality. This should not be so. It is time for the church to bring clarity, truth, and love to a very difficult issue in our world today.”

Black said the three-day conference will address the Old and New Testament Scriptures regarding homosexuality as well as offer practical ministry applications.

Other speakers and teachers include Joe Dallas, author, counselor and conference teacher with Genesis Counseling; Robert Gagnon, author, and professor of New Testament studies from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary; Andrew Comiskey, founder of Desert Stream Ministries, author, conference teacher and developer of the International Living Waters Program for freedom from sexual and relational brokenness; Anne Paulk, author and executive director of the Restored Hope Network, the largest Network of Ministries helping people overcome homosexuality in the world.

Jernigan will lead worship on  Thursday and Friday nights.

“If you have ever wanted to know what the Bible teaches on homosexuality and how to answer the questions of our day with clarity, come to the Clarity Conference,” Keahbone concluded.

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