SHAWNEE—Students in the Division of Teacher Education at Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU) presented a special hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning opportunity April 26 for more than 50 fourth grade students at Sequoyah Elementary School in Shawnee. A class of OBU teacher candidates developed the special event through their science methods course taught by Jeanne Akin, Mary A. White Professor of Education.

OBU student Camryn Jensen works with students on a problem about gravity.

The result was an interactive hands-on STEM day of learning day for fourth graders at Sequoyah, held at the elementary school. Using the popular online game “Among Us” as a motivating theme, the day centered on science topics connected to the game, such as current electricity, static electricity and gravity.

Akin is proud of the work her students did to create this event, benefiting them personally as they prepare for their teaching careers while also bringing a tremendous learning experience to the fourth grade students.

Mackayla Wright shows students how to move a toy car using magnetic force.

“This special day of STEM science activities provided a great experience for OBU’s teacher education majors to practice teaching,” Akin said, “while providing engaging, hands-on science learning activities for the Sequoyah fourth graders.”

She likewise encouraged students considering a career in education to visit OBU and learn more about the University’s outstanding teacher education program.

“Future teachers should consider OBU for teacher preparation because we provide many and varied opportunities in our program for working with students. This is valuable experience prior to student teaching and working in the field.”

OBU teacher candidate Sarina Brothers teaches about gravity.

OBU students who created and worked at the learning day include Kayla Billings, Mikayla Brannam, Sarina Brothers, Brooke Cooke, Kimberlyn Creel, Brittley Dean, Tiffany Fraley, Elizabeth Hatfield, Hannah Hawkins, Camryn Jensen, Emma Melot, Kasidee Norton, Lindsay Sigman, Mackayla Wright and Anika Wulliman.

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