d7606d3628656630a7a3ff60c3ed5329“To do” lists have been part of my life for many years. Every Monday morning, I put together an agenda of things that must be accomplished for me to meet deadlines and be more productive. There’s nothing better than taking my yellow highlighter and crossing off the tasks when they have been accomplished.

The problem with my list is that it never seems I get all the items completed. There might be a few that are out of my control, but there are always a few that just seem to get ignored. If it can wait one more day, then I’m often guilty of putting it off.

But there are several things that cannot wait. A cancer diagnosis means an immediate plan of action. When a natural disaster strikes, procrastination only results in more problems. When a deadline at work isn’t met, a career may be lost. Whatever the case, there are always consequences to procrastination.

There is one area where Oklahoma Baptists cannot procrastinate, and that’s impacting the lostness in our state. With your gifts to the Edna McMillan Oklahoma State Missions Offering, close to 30 ministries are funded. This year’s theme for the missions offering is “Now Is the Time,” and the promotional materials highlight four areas of ministry where Oklahoma Baptists are making a difference.

Disaster Relief teams are the hands and feet of Christ as volunteers minister to people in the midst of crisis. Whether it’s through feeding teams, chainsaw crews or an endorsed chaplain, these trained responders take the hope of Christ to those they encounter. Your church’s support of the State Missions Offering helps provide equipment and resources so when disaster strikes, Oklahoma Baptists are ready to respond at a moment’s notice.

Church planting remains one of the greatest vehicles to reach the lost in our state. Close to 50 new churches were started last year in Oklahoma, but more are needed. New church plants are needed to embrace social, economic and cultural distinctives in our state. Gifts to the State Missions Offering provide much needed finances for new congregations.

Christians in the Emerging Generation may be focused on Christ, but as individuals, they are not necessarily part of an organized church. Cris Lowery, emerging generations specialist for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, believes now is the time for churches to engage and learn how to relate to this group of young men and women who are leaving our pews. State Mission Offering funds will help research and develop resources for our churches to learn how to connect with these post-modern thinkers.

Cooperation is not a new word among Southern Baptists. What one can do alone is multiplied when there is a strong partnership. Strategic Focus Communities and Associational Outreach Leadership Forums provide ways for churches, associations and the BGCO to strategically focus on particular communities and associations through Church Planting, evangelism and discipleship. Funds from the offering help make these partnerships happen.

So how will you and your church participate this year? If we procrastinate, the consequences will be disastrous in reaching our state for Christ. Order your promotional materials now by contacting the Women’s Missions and Ministries Office at 405/942-3000, ext. 4335, or order materials online at www.bgco.org. The promotional materials include a video, prayer guides, posters and offering envelopes.

The goal this year is $1.05 million, with a hallelujah goal of $1.1 million. Don’t procrastinate-Now Is the Time!