Don’t delay! Now is the time. Every day that passes is another day lost. 2 Corinthians 6:2b says, “I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation.” Sensing the urgent need to reach and minister to the lost, “Now Is the Time” is the theme for the 2008 Edna McMillian Oklahoma State Missions Offering.

The time for salvation is today. Now is the time to share the Gospel with those in Oklahoma who need Christ. Through the Edna McMillian Oklahoma State Missions Offering, nearly 30 ministries seize the opportunity to share Christ each day.

Whether it’s a disaster relief volunteer, resources for our emerging generation, a new church plant or a strategic focus community partnership, the Oklahoma State Missions Offering funds go above and beyond regular tithes to provide additional funding to impact lostness throughout Oklahoma.

Through the offering, Oklahoma Baptists are:

1. Impacting areas all over our world and state affected by natural disaster.

When disasters strike, help is needed quickly. Through the volunteers of Oklahoma Disaster Relief teams, rapid response is more than a helping hand. It’s a team of volunteers committed to reach physical needs and to present the Gospel to those who have suffered. Whether it’s a flood, ice storm or tornado, your support through the State Missions Offering provides a unique opportunity to seize the moment when people are in need.

2. Seeking to engage the Emerging Generation that is disappearing from our churches.

Average enrollment for ages 18-24 in Oklahoma Southern Baptist churches has dropped 23 percent in the last 10 years. Now is the time to re-engage the next generation and reach them with the Gospel. The State Missions Offering provides funds to research and develop resources aimed at reaching and understanding young adults.

3. Planting new churches that embrace social, economic and cultural distinctives to bridge the gap between Christ and the lost.

Church planting remains the greatest vehicle to evangelize the lost world. The State Missions Offering provides support to those who embrace the timeliness of planting new churches to reach more with the Gospel.

4. Inspiring, training and funding associational churches to strategically focus on specific unchurched communities through Church Planting, Outreach Evangelism and Outreach Sunday School

The purpose of the Strategic Focus Communities and Associational Outreach Leadership Forums is to partner with associations to strategically focus on reaching their communities.

The Baptist Messenger is calling on all Oklahoma Baptists to begin praying today and ask the Lord how He would have them support the 2008 Edna McMillian Oklahoma State Missions Offering. The 2008 state goal is $1.05 million, with a hallelujah goal of $1.1 million.

Last year was the first time the offering went over $1million. Let’s do it again this year Oklahoma Baptists! Now is the time!

To learn more about the offering and to download educational resources, visit