RIVERDALE, Calif.—The Baptist Messenger staff received six awards at the 55th Annual Wilmer C. Fields Awards Competition, coordinated by the Baptist Communicators Association (BCA).

Messenger wins BCA awards - Baptist Messenger of Oklahoma

Messenger BCA Award winners include, from left, Chris Doyle, Emily Howsden, Braden East and Hannah Hanzel. Photo by Grant Bivens

The BCA conference took place in Riverside, Calif., April 10-13.

The BCA workshop is an annual gathering of Southern Baptist media and communication workers designed for learning, fellowship and celebration of creative work from Baptist communicators across the country.

Among the Baptist Messenger prize winners were Braden East, Chris Doyle, Emily Howsden and Hannah Hanzel.

East, website designer, won first place in the Print Collateral category under for a logo he made for the Tulsa Groups Summit.

Doyle, managing editor, won second place for his blog series, “Doyle’s Half Dozen,” on WordslingersOK.com.

Howsden, staff writer and digital content coordinator, won first place in the Blog Series category for “Millennial Monday,” also on WordslingersOK.com.

Hanzel, art director, won several awards including: First place in Hand-Drawn Typography, and Second and third place in the Design category for Newspaper Front Page.