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Messenger Insight 217 – Onward: Russell Moore talks about his newest book

Dr. Russell Moore, ERLC President (Photo: Courtesy of ERLC)

Dr. Russell Moore,
ERLC President
(Photo: Courtesy of ERLC)

ERLC President Russell Moore talks about his newest book, Onward: Engaging the Culture without Losing the Gospel.

Thanks to B&H Books & LifeWay, the Baptist Messenger is giving away a limited number of complimentary copies of Dr. Moore’s book, Onward. For your chance to be selected to receive one of the copies, please take all of these actions below:

1. Leave a comment below. Tell us why you want to receive a free copy of this book and why cultural engagement is important for Christians. Note: Please do not put your shipping address in your comment.

2. Fill out this form. A special form has been setup so that you can provide us with your mailing address.

3. Tweet a link to this post. You can do so automatically by clicking here. If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can use Facebook.

On Thursday, July 30, the Baptist Messenger editors will select the winners, based on internal criteria including the creativity of the positive comments. If you are one of those selected, you will be notified by email (Note: Only winners will be notified. BGCO employees are ineligible.).

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  • Jared Cornutt

    I would love a copy of the book because I work with families and students in the thick of what this book I believe addresses. Parents and students have so many questions, and as a minister I am always looking for more resources to help engage these questions from a Christ-centered perspective. We live in the culture, we have to be ready to engage it. Our lives are going to look different and we have to be prepared to tell others why that is so. We must be ready to stand firm in our beliefs. We must engage the culture to point the culture to Christ. I believe this resource will help me and the many families I minister alongisde.

  • Steven Robertson

    While the times and culture around us seem to be changing, the gospel and God’s truth do not. We need to be equipped to stand confidently on the truth of the Scriptures while showing compassion and love to those around us.

    I can’t think of anyone better suited to help us do that than Dr. Moore. This is a critically important book for us.

  • Megan Strange

    I’d love a free copy of Onward to give away. This book is a critical piece of work for evangelicals that desire to truly make a difference in creating culture for the sake of the gospel.

  • Reuben Huffman

    I’m not sure I’ve ever intentionally engaged the culture. But I have read a book of Moore’s (Tempted and Tried) and I really feed on his sermons. He has pricked my conscience, and also given deep, realistic encouragement. I’d love to read the book, and see what it’ll do to me.

  • Dustin Turner

    As a pastor, I would love to receive a copy of Dr. Moore’s new book. One of the greatest tasks facing myself and our church is how we can best engage our culture for the sake of the gospel. I believe Dr. Moore’s book will be a great tool to equip all of us.

  • bryandewire1

    I already read this book on Kindle. It is a 5-star book that should be on the top of everyone’s reading list as far as I’m concerned. So, I would love to give copies to others!

  • Zach

    I would enjoy having a copy of Russel Moore’s book based off of his commitment and heart for cultural issues such as racism, sexuality and the economy. He is a refreshing voice amidst the division of politics and culture wars; he seems to have a grasp on what it looks like to change/engage culture without compromising out faith in God. This book would help me learn more about cultural issues and engage them with a Christlike heart and mindset. As Christians, it’s so important to know what’s going on in our culture and world so that we have a voice and platform to speak love and truth; it is so critical that we do not abandon people that believe or behave differently than us. When we start to engage culture with Christ, we start to see God move and see a shift in people’s mindset and perceptions. We start to see that faith in God has always and will be stronger than our political affiliation and cultural beliefs.

  • Gene Kim

    I would love a copy of this book as a reference for me and the students whom I serve. I am a college pastor in Montgomery, AL, and I’ve found the biggest challenge young evangelicals face is how to respond in a Christ-like way to an increasingly hostile culture. The temptation is to disengage and shrink back, but my hope and prayer is that they (and we) would press forward in love and faith knowing the challenge is worth it.

  • Matt Shown

    I want to be ready to counter the culture as well as equip others to do the same. Jesus took on flesh and incarnated into time and space and therefore culture. If Christ didn’t shy away from it, neither should we.

  • Gary Mounce

    As Head of a Southern Baptist Christian School the impact of the books message will be transformational not only for me but for each teacher, staff, student, parent, and beyond.
    Transforming students so they can in turn transform their culture is at the heart of what we do.

  • Gary Mounce

    As Head of a Pre-k to 12th Southern Baptist Christian School the transformational impact can be compounded through each teacher, staff, student, and family.
    Transforming students to transform their culture is at the heart of what we do.

  • Ken Willman

    I desire a copy of the book for insights in sharing the truth in this culture. It is important for Christians to engage our culture. The church is His instrument for sharing the truth in our society.

  • Ken Willman

    I’d like a copy of the book to better equip me to share in the current culture. It is critical for believers to persist in engaging our culture with the messages of truth and the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

  • Timon Cline

    I am currently a law student at a secular university in the northeast (read: non-Bible Belt). I constantly feel the strain of trying to navigate through today’s culture wars as an evangelical. Without proper guidance we (American Christians) have a tendency to gravitate towards the extreme. We seem to either fight for a Christian utopia or lay down all standards that separate us from non-Christian living. We either hide our light under a bushel or set the bushel on fire, if you will. Both of these approaches diminish the power of the Gospel.

    As a young, Christian husband, entering the secular professional world, I harbor a desperate need to be surrounded by examples of appropriate cultural engagement and right Christian living so that Christ might be adequately glorified therein. Dr. Moore, and others like him, provide those examples to millennials like myself who are tired of a Christian culture that either conforms too heavily to the pagan one, or ostracizes itself from those who need the Gospel most, and who seek an authentic, Biblical template upon which we can model our behavior and worldview. Based on Dr. Moore’s record as head of the ERLC thus far, I trust that this book will provide just that.

  • Spencer Valeri

    I would love to receive this book so that we can utilize it’s insights to equip our church to do work of the ministry. We are pushing what we are calling a “Judea and Samaria” vision where we engage those like us and those unlike us in our county with the gospel of Jesus. Engaging the culture is vital, first and foremost, because a kingdom focused theology demands it: People need to hear the radical message of the gospel that stands in contrast to their worldview. The purpose of cultural engagement is to allow this message to ultimately shape the thinking of all people in one way or another, hopefully with the end result that sinners accept Jesus and develop a Biblical, kingdom focused worldview.

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