I like art. In elementary school art (alongside P.E.) was my favorite class. Coloring, drawing, painting and sculpting are all things I enjoyed (and still do!). While I like trips to the art museum, I must admit: I have very little understanding of what is going on in contemporary visual arts. I do know when I see something that is aesthetically pleasing. I also know when I see a piece that is both profound and disturbing (like some of Damien Hirst’s work which often stresses the inevitability of death; click here for more on Hirst). But, for the most, I do not know what is going on in the visual arts largely because I am not really engaged in its “conversation.”

I do, however, know that Makoto Fujimura is a highly regarded artist who also happens to be a Christian (an odd mix). Below is a video of Fujimura describing his latest project, an illustration of the four Gospels. The video not only describes this project but also explains some of Fujimura’s thoughts on contemporary art. One insightful comment made by Fujimura (one which extends beyond the visual arts) is that there is no short supply of depictions of “waywardness.” What is needed, however, is something to bring people “back home.”

Fujimura – 4 Holy Gospels from Crossway on Vimeo.

HT: Justin Taylor