God was so creative in all He created. So, when we consider His creation, we are often struck with surprise, awe and amazement. That is generally true, but it is specifically true when we think about how God created moms.

They just know how to do stuff like fry bacon or make SPAM sandwiches or know how much sugar it takes to make Southern Baptist sweet tea, which is like Pentecostal sweet tea but much sweeter than Methodist sweet tea which is just a bit boring. Another thing that makes moms so unique is that they just always seem to be prepared.

Let’s say you start coughing. Next thing you know, your mom produces a piece of candy from her pocket or her purse. Now it might be a piece of peppermint candy that your little brother sucked all of the red off of until he decided it was too hot (the big baby) and spit it out into mom’s hand who promptly put it back in her pocket or purse for future medical treatments.

Or it could have been a piece of butterscotch candy. Since neither piece of candy was wrapped up, the butterscotch always had some fuzz and lint on it. As soon as you put it in your mouth, you wore your tongue out trying to dislodge the fuzz and lint from the candy. But that kept you preoccupied until some of that butterscotch oozed down the back of your throat and you started coughing again and the vicious cycle started all over.

Another thing moms used to have at the ready was a little green bottle of Campho Phenique. That is a Greek word that means liquid fire used to heal all sorts of ailments and maladies. In fact, Campho Phenique was used to doctor sores in your mouth. The Campho Phenique would just sear the sore or it burned so much you told your mom the sore was gone so that she wouldn’t doctor you again. But Campho Phenique was not just an oral medicine. It was used to treat insect bites, bullet wounds, Big Foot bites and premature balding.

Because of space I only have room to give you one more. Moms always seem to have immediate access to Kleenex. But not just your run-of-the-mill Kleenex that the rest of us mortals use once and then throw away. Oh no. Moms carry Kleenex that can be used multiple times for multiple purposes. And when you combined a mom Kleenex with some mom spit, you have a combination that can clean dirt off of a kid’s face, get blood off of tee shirt, or scrub the paint off of a Buick LeSabre.  How many kids have endured a scrubbing with a mom Kleenex and mom spit convinced that their mom just scrubbed off their eyebrow or the dimple in their chin?

Moms really are unique characters. Somehow, they are always prepared to meet the needs of the moment. You just have to love them. When you think about it, that sounds a lot like God. He is always ready with whatever we need at the moment to take care of the need of the moment. You just have to love Him.