It seems to me that there were more of them when I was growing up than there are now. But regardless of how many there were or how many there are, I have always had questions about cobwebs. I suspect you have had questions as well. But cobwebs are one of those topics that we just don’t talk about.

For example, if it is a cobweb, then my assumption would be that a cob made it. But for the life of me, I don’t think I have ever seen a cob. Let me take that back. I do have a little experience with cobs.

I know about corn cobs. Those are great inventions that actually allow you to eat corn with your hands and not worry about your mom or your wife slapping you on the back of the head for bad table manners.

You try to eat creamed corn with your hands and expect someone with authority in your life to smack you, but gnawing the corn off of a cob seems to be accepted as perfectly good table manners. Regardless of whether you turn the cob around and around to gnaw the corn off of the cob or you go from one end to the other, there is something very satisfying about getting every last kernel of corn off of that cob.

I know about Cobb salads. In fact, those may be my favorite salads. After all, Cobb salads have meat on them. Honestly, I am not a big fan of salads, but if you can put a lot salad dressing and lots of meat on one, including multiple slices of freshly fried bacon, I can eat it. In fact, if the meat to lettuce and vegetable ratio is correct, I can almost enjoy eating a Cobb salad.

Ok, honestly, I can enjoy eating the meat, but I might leave some of the lettuce and vegetables behind. After all, it is never good to overeat, with gluttony being one of the big sins, you know.

I even know there was an old time baseball player named Ty Cobb. I guess he must have been quite the athlete—he was famous for his hitting prowess, his speed and for stealing bases. But I doubt that he was or is responsible for cobwebs.

In fact, I am not sure who or what is responsible for cobwebs. I have looked at them but not from too close up. I didn’t want one of those cob things jumping on me and dragging me into his lair of a web. I mean, who knows what kind of damage one of those things could do to a man? But from a safe distance, it is impossible to see cobs doing their devious work of building webs.

I have never seen a cob that I know of. I guess the truth is I may have seen a cob, but since I have no idea what a cob looks like I would never have known that I was looking at one.

But isn’t that the way life kind of goes? We are going along, minding our own business, thinking life isn’t too bad, and then something just shows up in one of the corners of our minds. We are not sure how it got there or why. But there it is, collecting dust and stuff, seemingly growing larger by the minute.

Although we might be tempted to stare at that thing for a while, wondering why and how it got there. The best thing to do is get rid of it. Sweep it out of there. Staring at it only gives it chance to grow. Thinking about it only gives it a chance to get bigger and uglier. The best thing is simply to get it out of there.

So how do you get these cobwebs out of your life? The answer is simply stay in the Word of God. Read it. Keep your eyes on it. Think about it. That, by the way, allows the Scripture to grow in your mind. And the more Scripture there is, the less room there is for those stupid cobwebs.